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Bernard is a mouse from The Rescuers.

Bernardladdin (Stephen Druschke's Version), Bernardladdin 2: The Return of Prince John (Stephen Druschke's Version), and Bernardladdin 3: The King of Thieves (Stephen Druschke's Version) Played as Aladdin

Biancastasia Played as Dimitri

Sleeping Brisby Played as King Stefan

Sleeping Bianca Played as Prince Phillip

Fievel and Jaq Played as Alex Frensky

Bernard of the Jungle Played as George

The Bernard Movie Played as Goofy

Anna White and the Seven Characters Played as Dopey

Jumanji (nikkdisneylover8390's pet style) Played as Alan Parrish

The Mouse King Played as Adult Simba

Oliver (a.k.a Bambi) Played as Adult Thumper

Sawyer in Wonderland Played as Bill the Lizard

The Adventures of Bernard and Mr. Jiminy Cricket Played as Ichabod

Bianca Poppins Played as Bert

Mousez Played as Z

Basil & Bernard Rescue Rangers Played as Dale

Pudgeocchio, Fun and Fancy Free (MisterCartoonMovie and Edizioni VHS Pirata Style), Yoshinocchio and Caillounocchio Played as Jiminy Cricket

Fievel Pan 2: Return to Neverland and Piglet Pan ll: Return to Neverland Played as Edward Darling

Biancarella Played as Prince Charming

Bernard Pan Played as Peter Pan

Dinosaur King (399Movies Animal Style) and Chris1702 Played as Rex Owen

Dinosaur King (Chris1702 Animal Style) Played as Spike Taylor

All Mice Go To Heaven (Nikkdisneylover8390's version) Played as Charlie

The Mouse's New Groove Played as Human Kuzco

Bernard (Shrek) Played as Shrek

Bernard and Friends and Bernard's Great Adventure Played as Barney

The Great Mouse Detective (Nixcorr26 Style) Played as Hiram Flaversham

Basiladdin Basiladdin 2: The Return of Cat R Waul, Basiladdin 3:The King of Thieves, Timmy Brisbyladdin, Timmy Brisbyladdin 2: The Return of Jenner and Timmy Brisbyladdin 3: The King of Thieves Played as The Sultan

Quest for Camelot (Stephen Druschke's Animal Style) Played as Sir Lionel

Quest for Camelot (Nixcorr26's Rodent Style) Played as Garrett

Bernard Kong Country Played as Donkey Kong

Pokemon XY (Chris1701 Style) Played as Clemont

Bernard: The Movie, Bernard (TV series), and Bernard: King of the Mice Played as Babar

The Mices (The Smurfs) and The Mices 2 Played as Clumsy Smurf

Trent Hood and Fievel Hood Played as Sexton Mouse

Enchanted (Pete'sDragonRockz Style) Played as Prince Edward (Live-Action)

Enchanted (Nikkdisneylover8390 Style) Played as Robert Philip

Hello Kitty and the Seven Dwarfs Played as Doc

Brave (TheBluesRockz Style) Played as King Fergus

Big Hero 6 (TheBluesRockz Style) Played as Hiro Hamada

Big Hero 6 (AbananzerGoode485 Style) Played as Tadashi Hamada

The Bernard and Pals Show Played as Dooley

Who Framed Bernard Played as Roger Rabbit

Leapnocchio Played as Jiminy Cricket

Bern-Hur Played as Ben-Hur

The Wizard of Oz (Male Style) Played as Glinda the Good Witch of the North

Jenny Mcbribehontas and Jenny Mcbribehontas II: Journey to a New World Played as Chief Powhatan

Bernard The Extra-Terrestrial Played as E.T.

The Mouse's New Groove Played as Kuzco (Human)

Tiny's Clues Played as Steve

??? Played as Abu

Basil Hood Played as Little John

The Many Adventures of Bernard the Mouse Played as Winnie the Pooh

The Kangaroo Princess Played as Adult Derek

The Yellow Man (The Lorax brucemovies1) Played as Pipsqueak

Elaine Possible Played as Rufus

The Elephant Princess Played as Bromley

Winx Club (Disney and Sega Animal Style) Played as Timmy

Bernard Hood Played as Robin Hood

The Rabbit of Notre Dame Played as Hugo

The Frog of Notre Dame Played as Victor

Bernardzan Played as Adult Tarzan

Californian Flyfishladdin Californian Flyfishladdin 2: The Return of Joe and Californian Flyfish 3: Californian Flyfish and The King of Thieves Played as Genie

Bernardules Played as Adult Hercules

Olivia (Annie) Played as Oliver Warbucks

The Bear King Played as Pumbaa

The ??? Book Played as Baloo

Frozen (??? Style) Played as Olaf

SkyTrain Mark I #115 Played as Zack Prouten

Vanellope and Fievel Played as Papa Bear

Olivia (Vampirina) Played as Boris Hauntley

Bernard will play Jiminy Cricket in Caspernocchio

He is a cricket, and Pinocchio's conscience

The Rescuers (1701Movies Style) Played as Himself

He is the same Mouse

The Mouse King (SpaceToonFan2000's Style) played as Mufasa

He is a lion