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Berry Jars ‘N’ Jam is Lalaloopsy Land's best provider of homemade jam and berry pancakes. She's a hard worker, who's a bit nosy, and makes the highest stacks of buttermilk pancakes in town. Berry is the twin sister of Sunny Side Up. Her name is based off of her love for berries that she makes into the best jars of jam for her friends.

About Berry


Berry Jars 'N' Jam is a fair skinned girl with carnation pink cheeks and black button eyes. Her hair is magenta with straight-cut bangs and long pigtails held by tangerine orange bows.

She wears a hot pink plaid dress with indigo trim, a three-layer ruffled skirt, and short puffed sleeves. On the torso are two scarlet red buttons. Her Mary Jane shoes are magenta with an tangerine orange bow on each shoe, worn with a pair of white socks. She also has a indigo collar at the neckline.


Berry's pet is a small white cow. It is white and has bright pink spots all over its body. It also has horns on its head, black button eyes, a carnation pink nose, and a magenta-colored tail.


Main article: Sunny and Berry's farm Berry Jars 'N Jam's house is light yellow in a checkerboard pattern with the roof decorated with pancakes, jam, and berries. On the other side of the house are multiple 1st prize ribbons.

She and Sunny do not live in the same home, but they live right next to each other on the same property.


  • October 12th is Old Farmers Day.
  • Berry's favorite berry is the blueberry.
  • She really likes milk.
  • She is sometimes confused with Peanut Big Top because of their visual likeness.


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