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Berthold Fromm is a 22 year old Lüdenreicher Vampire hunter Wolf-man, who is a member of the Band of the Bear and a current emperor of Lüdenreich.

Berthed bears a great resemblance to Riki from the Ginga series

When Berthold was 21, he started farming in the barn in the town of Freifeld in the Duchy of Burgdorf, but he found five rings: The Ring of Night which gave him the ability to see the dark and suck blood from the vampires and the servants of evil, the ring of invisibility which makes him invisible, the Ring of Fire which he first wears it thinking that it's going to kill him by burning but it didn't, the Ring of Magic which gave him Magical abilities and the Ring of Flight which gave him angelic wings.


Berthold can arm himself with Guns, Holy Guns, Swords and Crossbows