Beshte lion guard

Beshte is a Common Hippopotamus from The Lion Guard.


Beshte played Gordon in Kion the Lion Cub & Friends

He is a big train engine

Beshte played Woog in We're Back! A Lion Guard's Story

He is a blue Triceratops

Beshte played Roo in The Many Adventures of Dumbo the Elephant

He is a kangaroo joey

Beshte played Hamm in Wild Animal Story, Wild Animal Story 2 and Wild Animal Story 3

He is a piggy bank

Beshte played Wasabi in Big Wild Animal 6

Beshte played Kirby in The Brave Little Lion Cub (Abeiscool40 Style), The Brave Little Lion Cub to the Rescue, and The Brave Little Lion Cub Goes to Mars

He is a vacuum cleaner


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