Best Of Edward is a US VHS/DVD release featuring three first season episodes, four second season episodes, and one third season episodes narrated by George Carlin, one sixth season episode narrated by Alec Baldwin, and one song.

It was released again in a 5 disc set with the Best of Thomas, the Best of Percy, the Best of James, and the Best of Toby.


  • Edward Helps Out
  • Foolish Freight Cars
  • Trouble In The Shed
  • A Cow on the Line
  • Saved from Scrap
  • Bertie's Chase
  • Scaredy Engines
  • Edward's Exploit
  • Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party
  • Edward The Really Useful Engine


  • Let's Have a Race
  • Every Cloud has a Silver Lining (DVD Only)
  • Come for the Ride (DVD Only)
  • Night Train (DVD Only)


  • Additional clips from Come Out, Henry, Henry to the Rescue, A Close Shave for Duck, Donald and Douglas, The Runaway, Percy Runs Away, Whistles and Sneezes, Percy's Promise, Trust Thomas, Time for Trouble, Gordon and the Famous Visitor, Haunted Henry, Gallant Old Engine, Four Little Engines, Escape, Thomas and Stepney, James and the Trouble with Trees, Happy Ever After, Rusty and the Boulder and Thomas Meets the Queen are used in the intermissions between the episodes.
  • five of the stories (Trouble In The Shed, Foolish Freight Cars, Edward Helps Out, Saved From Scrap and Bertie's Chase) come from "Thomas and His Friends Help Out", as the episode titles are the same as they were on the latter release. On the VHS version, the episodes echo as they did on the Friends Help Out VHS, though these were replaced with cleaner sound masters on the DVD release.
  • The VHS/DVD use the end credits from Thomas and Percy's "Best Of" videos.
  • The Nick Jr. Logo is seen after the credits.
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