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Beth was a character that appeared from Season 7 to Season 8. She was portrayed by Katherine Pulley.


About Beth

  • Beth has grandparents (who Barney and the kids met them Barney's Christmas Star).
  • In BJ's Really Cool House, it is indirectly revealed that Beth's parents are divorced as she lives in two houses (one with her mom, and one with her dad).


Season 7

  1. Tea-riffic Manners 
  2. Puppy Love
  3. Play for Exercise!
  4. Numbers! Numbers!
  5. Spring Into Fun!
  6. It's a Happy Day!
  7. BJ's Really Cool House

Season 8

  1. On Again, Off Again
  2. Sharing Is Caring!
  3. It's Hot! It's Cold!
  4. Day and Night
  5. Play Piano with Me!
  6. A-Counting We Will Go!
  7. Squares, Squares Everywhere!
  8. It's Your Birthday, Barney!

Home Videos

  1. Barney's Christmas Star
  2. Storytime with Barney
  3. Barney's Best Manners: Your Invitation to Fun!


  • Katherine Pulley, who played Beth, returns to play Polly in the episode, Mother Goose.