Mrs. Betina Beakley

Betina Beakley (usually referred to as Mrs. Beakley) is a big-boned anthropomorphic duck in DuckTales.


Betina is hired by Scrooge McDuck to be his maid, his nephews' nanny and mother figure, and as a housemaid and cook, asking only for room and board in Scrooge's mansion – an offer Scrooge could not refuse.

She also has a granddaughter named Webby and is often seen cooking, cleaning or scolding the boys and trying to keep them from misbehaving, though deeply she cares for them very much.

She was a nanny of Prince Greydrake until Prince Greydrake's plane crash landed in the jungle of Africa 20 years ago. This happened after his evil uncle sent him on a plane ride to rid himself of his nephew. Greydrake becomes king at the coronation for his 25th birthday in the episode "Jungle Duck".

She Played Big Mama In The Mouse and the Duck

She is an owl


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