Beverly Edith Carson-Simpson (born March 12, 1945) is Marvin Simpson's wife, Dustin McCann Sr.'s ex-wife and Dustin McCann Jr.'s mother

She played Belle in Beauty and the Berk

She is a French girl

She played Anastasia in Beverlystasia

She played Cinderella in Beverlyrella

She played Thumbelina in Beverlylina

She played Princess Jasmine in Marvinladdin

She played Jane Proter in Marvinzan

She played Ariel in The Little Mer-Beverly

She is a mermaid

She played Megera in Marvincules

She played Ursula as Vanessa in The Little Mer-Jessica

She is a sea witch in disguise

She played Jasiri in The Medieval Guard

She is a friendly hyena

She played Widow Tweed in The ??? and the ???


  • Father-Jasper Carson
  • Mother-Penelope Carson
  • Brothers-Thomas and Randolph Carson
  • Husband-Marvin Glenn Simpson
  • Ex-Husband-Dustin Harlan McCann Sr.
  • Ex-Sisters in law-Agatha Trunchbull and Mrs. Honey
  • Ex-Father in law-Duncan
  • Ex-Mother in law-Courtney
  • Father in law-Glenn Simpson
  • Mother in law-Linda Simpson
  • Son-Dustin Lawrence "Justin" McCann Jr.
  • Daughter in law-Miranda McCann
  • Grandsons-Lionel and Kirby McCann
  • Nephews-Alan and Caleb Carson
  • Niece-Evelyn Carson
  • Sister in law-Melody Caruthers


  • Horse-Molly


  • Her Lovely Husband, Her Father, Her Mother, Star Trek, Barrel Racing, Rodeo, Ranch, County Music, Family Holiday Party, Hair, Dresses, Sci-Fi and Western shows, Happiness, Glenn and Linda Simpson, Melody Simpson


  • Being divorced, Her Hateful Ex-Husband, Her Hateful Son, Agatha Trunchbull, Various Artists Heavy Metal Music on, Smoking Cigarettes, Beer, Hard Liquor, Horror shows, Unhappiness, Lonely Birthdays, Agatha's Javelin Throw, Watching Poisonous Snakes Kill Domestic Rabbits
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