Bianca (Sheep and Wolves)

Bianca is Grey's love interest later wife in Sheep and Wolves.


She played as Ariel in The Little She-Wolf

She is a Mermaid

She played as Belle in Beauty and the Gorilla (Animation Movie Films and TV Shows Style)

She played as Fiona in Grey (Shrek)

She is a Ogre

She played as Dory in Finding Chase and Finding Bianca

She is a Blue Regal Pacific Tang Fish

She played as Emily the Corpse Bride in She-Wolf Bride

She is a Corpse Bride

She played as Dora in Bianca the Explorer, Go Grey, Go! and Bianca and The Lost City of Gold

She is a Mexican Explorer

She played as Ms. Flint in Canines, Inc.

She is a Monster

She played as Mummy Kangaroo in Vix Fox (Peppa Pig)

She is a Kangaroo

She played as Vix in Gumball: A Space Tail

She is Vixen

She played Grace in Gumball's Dragon (2016)

She is Pete's Adopted Mother

She played as Coral in Finding Grey Jr.

She is a clownfish

She played as KT in Saitamashot (Bloodshot)

She is an RST Superhero

She played as Stephanie Braven in GREYVEN (Braven)

She played as Linda Keith in Miles: All Is By My Side (Jimi: All Is By My Side)

She is Keith Richards's Girlfriend and Jimi Hendrix's Friend


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