Big Mickey is described as "the yard's biggest crane". He was stationed at the Steel Company dock, which was later used by the navy in the episode Munitions.


Big Mickey


  • Big Mickey first speaks in the episode High Tide when he loads steel for the Z-Stacks and the Star Fleet. In the episode Munitions, he loads the naval tramper Kraka-Toa with explosives. Later, a fire causes his dock to collapse and he sinks (in the TV version, it is said he is saved by landing in shallow water).


  • Big Mickey is known to be supportive towards the Star Fleet, as he roots for them in their competition against the Z-Stacks for the steel contract and according to Zorran, he is clearly his own boss as he noted that: "Nobody tells Big Mickey what to do!"

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  • His model was also used in Lucky's Yard.
  • Big Mickey's model was recycled and used in Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends beginning in the third season episode "Diesel Does It Again". Out of all the Tugs characters, he has the longest post-Tugs lifespan, along with the S.S. Vienna.
  • After TUGS ended, Big Mickey is believed to have been refurbished and being slightly changed throughout the model seasons of Thomas.
  • It is currently unknown where Big Mickey's model is now due to the fact that Thomas and Friends changed its format from their model version into a CGI version.
  • In Thomas and Friends, Big Mickey's model change a bit:
    • He was repainted a warmer shade of grey.
    • His megaphone was removed.
    • In the CGI switch, he appears to be bigger and taller.
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