• Bill (Ian James Corlett) - An anthropomorphic diminutive duckwho waddles to a different beat. A very kind-hearted, good-natured fellow who is always there when needed. One of his dreams is to fly. With the help of his friend Dr. Cecil, he tries again and again to fly, and eventually is told that the reason he can't is because ducks became too terrestrial. Bill's main appearance difference, apart from his smallness, is his bow tie which he changes every year at the Ducktown Picnic. Bill lives in an apartment with his pet parrot, Jerry. He's been called a "gator lover" for his rare efforts to turn alligators into allies of Ducktown. He is also the grandson of Scrooge McDuck and Ludwig Von Drake.


Daffy Duck (father)

Donald Duck (uncle)

Ludwig Von Drake & Scrooge McDuck (grandfathers)

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