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Bill the Lizard is a character who first appeared in Disney's 1951 animated feature film Alice in Wonderland.

He later appeared as one of Professor Ratigan's thugs in Disney's 1986 animated feature film The Great Mouse Detective.

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Alice in Wonderland

Bill is first seen walking with a ladder. He was eventually asked by the Dodo and the White Rabbit to get rid of the monster inside the White Rabbit's house. It was actually Alice who had grown large because of a cookie that she ate, and Bill refuses at first. When Bill is forced down the chimney by the Dodo, the smoke causes Alice to sneeze sending him blasting off into the sky. What became of him afterwards is unknown.

The Great Mouse Detective

Bill appears as one of Professor Ratigan's henchmen. He is first seen with the rest of the thugs and singing about Ratigan in the song "World's Greatest Criminal Mind". He then watches sadly as his friend Bartholomew gets fed to Ratigan's cat Felicia for calling Ratigan a rat. When Basil and his assistant Dr. Dawson show up at Ratigan's lair, Bill along with the other thugs laugh at Basil and tie him and Dawson up. When the thugs tie up the real Mouse Queen and use the robotic queen to fool the crowd, Bill gives notes to Flaversham on what to say into the speaker of the robot mouse. When Basil, Dawson and Olivia show up at the palace, they tie up Bill and the other thugs and the Queen has them arrested.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

At the beginning of the film, when Eddie Valiant looks outside the window before Dumbo appears, Bill can be spotted helping someone out with a ladder.

House of Mouse

Bill can be spotted with the Dodo during the opening theme.


Bill is seen stealing fruit from the Bazaar and getting chased by a Guard.


  • In Madison in Wonderland (Smart Cartoon) he is played by Iggy the Iguana (Alphabet Shed Show)