Billy Bob the Lemur is a guest who hails from the forests of Madagascar, and appears in the twenty-sixth episode and the season 1 finale of The Animal Show. He talks in a hillbilly-style voice. He tells Stinky and Jake about lemurs, lemur species like the aye aye (like himself), the sifaka, and the ring-tailed lemur, and their tails. He even sang "The Jumping Song."


  • "Billy Bob's the name. I'm here to talk tails with you. I sure hope you're ready to talk tails with me."
  • "Polar bear with a fuzzy tail. Whatever will they think of next?"
  • "Now, that there is an aye-aye. It spells 'A-Y-E-A-Y-E.' Now that's the kind of lemur I am.
  • "That's right, Jake. And I hail from a country called Madagascar. Now, you can't see too well in the dark forest there. We aye ayes have nice bushy tails."
  • "People have been cutting down all the trees, and without those trees, there's no place to live and nothing to eat. In fact, lots of folks thought the aye-aye were extinct."
  • "Oh, it just means gone forever, like the dinosaur and the dodo bird. But thankfully, there are still a few of us left. Every year we have about one new baby."
  • "Do we ever, let's take a look at another one right now."
  • "Well, as you'll see plain as the tail on your backside, those sifaka lemurs don't look a lot like the aye-aye lemurs."
  • "Even the young ones are mighty good climbers."
  • "No, Jake, there are very few left. But they're hanging in there."
  • "Of course you do, Jake. And I just happen to have a few pictures of them, too."
  • "Oh, it's just a signal to the other ring-tailed lemurs, especially the young ones who like to jump on mama's back."
  • "Yeah, but I don't think Mama feels like going for a stroll right now."
  • "Oh, I'll jump to it."
  • "Jump in good. See ya, fellas."

Voice Actor

  • Mak Wilson
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