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Bing Bong is the beloved character in Pixar's film, Inside Out. 

He played David Hoggselhoff in Childrens Tonight (Muppets Tonight)

He played Elephant Abu in  Wreck-it Raladdin & Fieveladdin (SuperJNG18)

He played Shrek in Bing Bong (Shrek)

He played Genie in Babarladdin the Elephant & Ordladdin

He played Big Bird in Sesame Street Presents: Follow that Bing Bong, The Adventures of Tails in Grouchland, Bing Bong in Japan, Bing Bong in China and Sesame Street (HundleyMeyerClassics Style)


Bing Bong playing in Foghorn Leghorn in Cartoons/Inside Out