its a parody of 1938 Disney Film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs


  • Natasha/Black Widow(Iron Man 2/Avengers Assemble) as Snow White
  • Tony Stack(Iron Man) as Prince
  • Mother Gothel(Tangeld) as Evil Queen
  • Bart Simpson(The Simpsons) as Doc
  • Lisa Simpson(The Simpsons) as Happy
  • Donald Duck(Mickey Mouse Clubhouse) as Grumpy
  • Mickey Mouse(Mickey Mouse ClubHouse) as Sleepy
  • AppleBloom(My Little Pony) as Bashful
  • Rainbow Dash(My Little Pony) as Dopey
  • Rarity(My Little Pony) as Sneezy
  • Homer Simpson(The Simpsons) as Magic Mirror
  • Lenny(The Simpsons) as Humbert the Huntsman
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