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Varecia variegata suspensory posture2.jpg

The handsome black-and-white ruffed lemur (Varecia variegata) is, along with the red ruffed lemur, the largest member of the Lemuridae family. Its long and luxuriant fur is a patchwork of pure white and pitch black, with the overall pattern of this distinct coat varying throughout the species’ range. Generally, in the northern parts of its range, the pelage is mostly black, while white dominates in those individuals in the south. The face and top of the head are typically black, which contrasts with the large, vivid yellow eyes and the striking white ruff that frames the face and gives this species its name. Its hands, feet and long, bushy tail are also typically black. In groups, the black-and-white ruffed lemur produces a chorus of deep, barking, alarm calls that can be heard from great distances on a still night, and it calls with a wailing howl when defending its territory.




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