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A graceful and slender species, the blackbuck (Antilope cervicapra) is the only member of the genus Antilope. One of the blackbuck’s most striking features is the pair of long, spiralling horns possessed by the male, which are marked with rings and sweep backwards from the head in a v-shaped arrangement. The male blackbuck is larger than the female and more conspicuously coloured, with the coat being a rich dark brown along the back, sides and the outsides of the legs. The coat of the female is yellowish-brown on the head and along the back. Both sexes are white on the underside and insides of the legs, and have a white ring around each eye. This species has a narrow muzzle, short tail and pointed hooves. Young blackbucks resemble the female in colour, with the coat of the young male gradually darkening with age.