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In his past career as an archaeologist, Blackthorne Shore stumbled upon many uncanny artifacts which set him on the path that would come to govern his life — a quest for power and control of the Inhumanoids. In younger years, his search in the jungles of Borneo for an Inhumanoid temple cost him an eye — lost to a native's blowpipe dart — and he returned to America, where he and his sister, Sandra, ran their family's corporation, the Shore Foundation.

His dark obsession was renewed with Earth Corps' discovery of an Inhumanoid monster entombed in amber: Blackthorne soon traces ancient documents in his possession to locate Tendril, who in turn liberates D'Compose. Blackthorne then instructs the crooked Senator Masterson to eliminate Earth Corps' funding and turn over the blueprints for their technology, using that knowledge to construct a suit of magnetic armour. He shadows Earth Corps into the subterranean depths, where he targets his armour's power against Metlar, vying to leash the savage Inhumanoid with magnetic force to make him obey his command. His vain pretensions are quashed by Magnokor, and Blackthorne's end seems imminent until he entices Metlar's interest with information about nuclear weapons, which the Inhumanoids then act on. Thankfully, Earth Corps is able to defuse the missiles and halt Metlar's plan, bringing Blackthorne into custody.

Blackthorne is sentenced to five years in a maximum security prison, sharing a cell with criminal scientist Dr. Herman Manglar. However, the intelligent computer, Cypheroid, having allied itself with the Inhumanoids, soon arranges Blackthorne's escape. Donning a redesigned magnetic suit, Blackthorne once more foolishly gambles to control Metlar, scarcely managing to slip away when the furious Inhumanoid turns on him.

In later dealings, Blackthorne salvages the remains of Dr. Manglar to create a ghastly accomplice in Nightcrawler, adopts the guise of "Brother Druid" to gather an underground cult for D'Compose's servicing, and after evading further prosecution because of a favor from Masterson, is able to release two more Inhumanoids — Gagoyle and Sslither.

Blackthorne then schemes with the Inhumanoids during the presidential race, endeavoring to ensure Senator Masterson's victory for his own power-hungry purposes. When the unravelled plan incites Auger's kidnapping and a final terrible battle between Earth and the Inhumanoids, Blackthorne lies in waiting to take advantage of the closing calamity: just as Magnokor captures Metlar in his magnetic hold once again, Blackthorne turns his armour on the three of them, taking control of their movements and pitting them all against Earth Corps. Before any real damage can be done, however, Earth Corps ally Tank takes the villain by surprise from behind and forces him to desist. Though Auger is rescued, both the Inhumanoids and Blackthorne remain at large.

He's played Captain Ahab in The Pagemaster (Disney and Sega Style)

He's played Human Forte in Beauty and the Horstachio 2: The Enchanted Christmas

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