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Blake Foster's Adventures of Dragon Tales
 is another upcoming Kids World's Adventures TV show by TheCartoonMan12.


All episodes of Blake Foster's Adventures of Dragon Tales is followed in every Blake Foster's Adventures Movie by TheCartoonMan12.


1 "To Fly With Dragons / The Forest of Darkness" September 6, 1999

To Fly With Dragons: 6-year-old Emmy and 4-year-old Max move into a new house in America, where they find a magical dragon scale that takes them to Dragon Land, a place where they meet magical dragon friends, Cassie, Ord, Zak and Wheezie the 2-headed dragon, and Quetzal. The Forest of Darkness: Ord is scared of the dark. When Zak shows him that even a little light takes the darkness away and that there is nothing to fear after all. Song: The Hello Song

2 "Pigment of Your Imagination / Zak's Song" September 7, 1999

Pigment of Your Imagination: The group runs out of paint as they are finishing their I-Love-my-Mommy Day gifts. So they set off for Rainbow Canyon to find more colors. But when their map breaks, they must work as a team to put the pieces back together. Zak's Song: Melodious Do-Re-Mi birds flee in fright when the dragons and kids loudly join their early morning concert. Confident Zak knows that his gentle song will bring them back. Song: The Hello Song

3 "Dragon Drop / Cassie Loves A Parade" September 8, 1999

Dragon Drop: The Dragon Fair has come to town and Zak and Wheezie are in the Sackberry Toss, but their biggest challenge is catching it.. Cassie Loves A Parade: Cassie is excited about the School-In-The-Sky Parade until she learns that she cannot ride on the Book Float. She feels sorry for herself until she meets Cosmo, a flower who also did not get chosen to be in the parade. Song: The Hello Song

4 "Eggs Over Easy / A Liking To Biking" September 9, 1999

Eggs Over Easy: Cyrus the Slinky Serpent steals a Rhyme Bird egg and Cassie feels bad that she did not speak up when needed. A Liking To Biking: Ord finds riding a bike for the first time is too hard and gives up. His friends lend a helping hand and Ord tries over and over until he gets it right. Song: Shake Your Dragon Tail

5 "Knot A Problem / Ord's Unhappy Birthday" September 10, 1999

Knot A Problem: Max is all thumbs when it comes to tying knots. When Whinny, the carousel pony, is missing and the dragons rescue her, Max discovers that knots are not a problem after all. Ord's Unhappy Birthday: It is Ord's birthday, but his friends do not have time to play. Feeling sad, Ord seeks out Quetzal who tells him to share his feelings with his friends. Afterwards, everybody gives him the best birthday ever. Song: Round and Round

6 "A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words / The Talent Pool" September 20, 1999

A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words: Ord wants to give his mother a very special birthday gift, so Doodle Fairy draws a map to a meadow full of Giggle Flowers. The Talent Pool: Cassie notices that all her friends have special talents except her, so she goes to the Talent Pool to finds a talent. However, the Pool turns out to be grumpy and refuses to give Cassie a talent. Song: Hum

7 "Emmy's Dreamhouse / Dragon Sails" September 21, 1999

Emmy's Dreamhouse: A Purple Goo Cloud is going to rain all over Dragon Land, so everyone builds a tree house to shelter. However, Emmy wants everything to be her own way until she learns how to share with her friends and give them what they want. Dragon Sails: The friends decide to sail to Rainbow Canyon, but Ord is too big for the boat and feels bad until he saves his friends from going over a waterfall. Song: The Hello Song

8 "Tails You Lose / Calling Dr. Zak" September 22, 1999

Tails You Lose: Emmy does not like losing. But when everyone plays Freeze Dance, she is always the first one to be called out. She does not want to play again, but Quetzal shows her that playing can be more fun than winning. Calling Dr. Zak: Zak gets a thorn stuck in his foot after stepping on a Spiny-Pine and has to go to the doctor. He has never been to the doctor before and is frightened. But Dr. Booboogone shows that doctors are only there to help. Song: Hum

9 "To Kingdom Come / Goodbye, Little Caterpoozle" September 23, 1999

To Kingdom Come: Ord's reluctance to share the Wishing Shell sends everyone to a strange land with no way home. But he learns that sharing with friends can make any wish come true. Goodbye, Little Caterpoozle: Cassie has a new pet Caterpoozle called Poozie. When Cassie finds Poozie wrapped in some white stuff, everybody thinks she died. However, it is later discovered that Poozie changed into a Butterfairy. Song: Shake Your Dragon Tail

10 "Follow The Dots / A Smashing Success" September 24, 1999

Follow The Dots: Ord is afraid that he lost his father's favorite Whack-it-Back Whistler forever until Norm the Number Gnome knows where it is and shows everyone how counting to ten will help them find it. A Smashing Success: A concert is coming up in Dragon Land, but Emmy accidentally breaks Wheezie's trumpet and is afraid to tell what she did. Song: Shake Your Dragon Tail

11 "Zak And The Beanstalk / A Feat On Her Feet" October 4, 1999

Zak And The Beanstalk: The Do-Re-Mi birds have been kidnapped, and it is up to Emmy, Max, Zak & Wheezie to come to their rescue. When they learn that Mungus the Giant took the birds because he loves their songs, they teach him how to make his own music. A Feat On Her Feet: Cassie does not know how to rollerskate and she needs to get her Jingle Flowers to Singing Springs on time. Song: Round and Round

12 "The Giant of Nod / The Big Sleepover" October 5, 1999

The Giant of Nod: Zak and Wheezie practice for tonight's concert hosted by Quetzal at Singing Springs, but they bicker over various songs they wanted to play and disturb the nap of a twelve-inch creature known eponymously as "The Giant of Nod". He trapped them in a tree trunk, so it's up to them to save the gang so they can make it to the concert. The Big Sleepover: Zak & Wheezie are having a sleepover, but Cassie's afraid to go. Bringing something familliar from home helps, especially when whe finds out how much fun sleepovers really are. Song: Round and Round

13 "A Tall Tale / Stormy Weather" October 6, 1999

A Tall Tale: Max is tired of being little and wishes he were taller. So when Eunice the Unicorn loses her glasses, he discovers that being short may be useful for some things after all. Stormy Weather: The kids and dragons visit the playground at the Cloud Island. But when Ord hears thunder, he gets scared and runs into a cave. The others help him brave the storm with fun games. Song: Hum

14 "Snow Dragons / The Fury Is Out On This One" October 7, 1999

Snow Dragons: Quetzal tells Max and Ord to meet him at the Snow Dragon in the Stickleback Mountains, but they get lost in the snow on the way. The Fury Is Out On This One: Max gets mad after losing Dragon Tag and whips a pod at a tree, releasing a Fury, a little creature who grow bigger when people get angry. To stop him from getting even bigger, Emmy and the dragons help Max control his anger. Song: Shake Your Dragon Tail

15 "A Cool School / Max's Comic Adventure" October 8, 1999

A Cool School: Max is nervous about his first day of school until Emmy takes him to the School in the Sky where Quetzal advises them, "When you're stuck, don't give up! Try something new." Max's Comic Adventure: The kids and the dragons go on a quest to save Max's favorite comic book hero, Mondo Mouse, from the Catnapper, using his "Mondo Mouse" comic book and 3D glasses. Song: The Wiggle Song

16 "Not Separated At Birth / A Kite For Quetzal" October 18, 1999

Not Separated At Birth: Zak and Wheezie are tired of being fused together, so Quetzal gives them a crystal that separates them. However, when they build a musical playground, they discover that they may need each other more than previously thought. A Kite For Quetzal: Everyone wants to surprise Quetzal by making their own kites but Quetzal has a cold Song: The Wiggle Song

17 "It Happened One Nightmare / Staying Within The Lines" October 19, 1999

It Happened One Nightmare: Ord has a nightmare and will not go back to sleep, causing everyone else problems. Staying Within The Lines: Quetzal and the Dragons ask Max and Emmy to recolor a black-and-white Dragon Land when the color was washed out by a storm. However, Max has trouble coloring within the lines. Song: Hum

18 "Sky Pirates / Four Little Pigs" October 20, 1999

Sky Pirates: The friends help Captain Scallywag find buried treasure. Four Little Pigs: The kids and the dragons do a "Three Little Pigs" puppet show, but Zak, Wheezie, and Emmy argue about wanting to be the Big Bad Wolf until Emmy adds a fourth pig to the story while Wheezie and Zak play the wolf. Song: The Wiggle Song

19 "Quibbling Siblings / Wheezie's Hairball" October 21, 1999

Quibbling Siblings: Zak wants the rare Jugglebug for show and tell, but Wheezie is so noisy, she scares it away. With Max and Emmy's help the dragons find that working together gets the job done. Wheezie's Hairball: Wheezie gets a new pet Hairball named Slurpy and learns how to take care of him. Song: Round And Round

20 "Blowin' In The Wind / No Hitter" October 22, 1999

Blowin' In The Wind: Max, Emmy, and their dragon friends help a wind called Windy learn to whistle so she can blow away the clouds, just like her father, the Big Whistling Wind. No Hitter: Max's anger takes over when he hits Emmy and kicks Ord's tail during a game of Dragonball. Quetzal cautions him to redirect his fury, first by using words, then action, to let it out.

Note: This is the last 2nd story episode to air in 1999. Song: The Wiggle Song

21 "Do Not Pass Gnome / The Treasure Hunt" January 17, 2000

Do Not Pass Gnome: Max breaks Emmy's yo-yo because he does not listen. In Dragon Land, there is a game that can only be won by listening. Max hears what Simon says and wins his sister a new yo-yo. The Treasure Hunt: The kids visit the secret Treasure Trove with their dragon friends, but forget Quetzal's special instructions and end up trapped. It is only by following directions and working together that they break free.

Note: This is the first 2nd story episode to air in 2000. Song: Stretch

22 "The Jumping Bean Express / Get Offa My Cloud" January 18, 2000

The Jumping Bean Express: Quetzal asks his friends to deliver a pair of Jumping Beans to his twin brother Fernando across the Stickleback Mountains, but the beans keep escaping. Get Offa My Cloud: Cassie, Ord and Emmy plant a garden, but Max just messes things up. When wonder water sends Max and a sunflower shooting to the sky, he has to find his own way to get down with help from an elf named Squink. Song: Round And Round

23 "Backwards To Forwards / Sounds Like Trouble" January 19, 2000

Backwards To Forwards: During a game of Leap-Dragon, a rock hits one of the Backwards-Forwards Signs, causing everything and everyone to go backwards. When the mix-up becomes frustrating, the gang must find a way to turn things around. Sounds Like Trouble: The friends chase a goo ball into a cave, and it is up to Ord to brave his fear of the dark once more to find it. Song: Clap

24 "The Greatest Show In Dragon Land / Prepare According To Instructions" January 20, 2000

The Greatest Show In Dragon Land: The friends go through many obstacles to get to Wonderworld, despite Zak and Wheezie's broken wing. Prepare According To Instructions: Quetzal sends the gang to see the Dancing Crystals perform at Crystal Cave! Emmy does not think they need to follow instructions and the whole gang gets lost. She soon comes to understand why it is good to think ahead. Song: Stretch

25 "Wheezie's Last Laugh / Frog Prints" January 21, 2000

Wheezie's Last Laugh: Mr. Pop steals Wheezie's laugh, plus he switches all the animal sounds around too. During a merry chase, everyone in Dragon Land learns that everything has its own special sound, especially Wheezie. Frog Prints: Everyone goes on a boat ride through Dragoon Lagoon where Max makes friends with a Unifrog named Hoppy, despite Quetzal's objections that he cannot take him home because he would feel homesick. Song: Clap

26 "Crash Landings / The Big Cake Mix-up" January 24, 2000

Crash Landings: Max and Emmy coach a relay race in Dragon Land. The Big Cake Mix-up: The kids and dragons enter a baking contest, hoping to win a cookbook for Quetzal. They split up to find the ingredients, but all return with the same thing. Everyone agrees to plan better and try again. Song: Stretch

27 "Quetzal's Magic Pop-Up Book / My Way Or Snow Way" January 25, 2000

Quetzal's Magic Pop-Up Book: When the gang uses Quetzal's magic pop-up book to make up stories, they all talk at once but nobody listens. They soon realize that by taking heard, everyone's story gets to be heard. My Way Or Snow Way: The friends help a snowman called Chilly find his snow puppy, Nippy. Song: Clap

28 "Sand Castle Hassle / True Blue Friend" January 26, 2000

Sand Castle Hassle: The kids and dragons build sandcastles so the Turtle Dragons can lay their eggs. But the castles are too close to the water and get washed away. They cannot give up, so the only thing to do is try again. True Blue Friend: The gang inadvertently uses permanent paint and turn themselves into different colors. They must follow Quetzal's instructions in order to get the paint off. Song: Pretend

29 "Bully For You / The Great White Cloud Whale" January 27, 2000

Bully For You: The School-In-The-Sky has a new student named Spike, who hurts Cassie's feelings while sugarplum picking. But Quetzal helps Cassie find a kind way to deal with the school bully. The Great White Cloud Whale: The friends help Captain Scalliwag find the Great White Cloud Whale, who swallowed his ship. Song: Pretend

30 "Ord Sees The Light / The Ugly Dragling" January 28, 2000

Ord Sees The Light: Max finds his Dragonfrog friend, Hoppy, who keeps hopping away, and Ord must brave his fear of the dark yet again to find him. The Ugly Dragling: The gang meets a dragon called Priscilla who has huge feathers and is afraid everyone can laugh at her. Song: Silly Song

31 "Follow The Leader / Max And The Magic Carpet" January 31, 2000

Follow The Leader: While playing a game, Emmy has been captured by Pooky the Troll from the Towering Village. Max And The Magic Carpet: Ord is excited that he is taking Cassie, Emmy, and Max on a picnic. When Quetzal is doing some spring cleaning, Max is excited to find his old magic carpet. Max has so much fun riding on it, he does not know he is ignoring Ord. Song: Silly Song

32 "Rope Trick / Baby Troubles" February 1, 2000
Rope Trick: Zak and Wheezie want to jump rope but do not know how. With Emmy's help, they learn that some things are harder than they look, but with determination, anything is possible.

Baby Troubles: Kiki, Cassie's baby sister, gets upset when her Squishy pops. So Ord and the others all work together, taking care of her.

33 "Small Time / Roller Coaster Dragon" February 2, 2000

Small Time: Upon entering Dragon Land, Max and Emmy encounter Shrinking Violets, which shrink them down to ant size. Roller Coaster Dragon: Wheezie cannot wait for her turn on the Roller Coaster Dragon, but becomes too impatient. So her friends try to help her do other things to take her mind off the ride. Song: Pretend

34 "Up, Up And Away / Wild Time" February 3, 2000

Up, Up And Away: The gang has a great time playing Pop The Bubbles until Ord gets trapped inside a humongous bubble! Ord cannot get out all by himself and the bubble's skin is too tough to pop, so his friends find a way to keep him from floating away. Can they rescue him before he does so? Wild Time: Max wants to goof off when he goes to Dragon Land, but he ends up ruining the dragons' craft projects for the Dragon Scale Festival. Song: Touch

35 "Bad Share Day / Whole Lotta Maracas Going On" February 4, 2000

Bad Share Day: Cassie discovers a magic crayon. Everyone wants it but no one wants to share. They learn that being selfish is lonely, but when you share, everyone gets to play together. Whole Lotta Maracas Goin' On: Quetzal's maracas are broken and the gang decides to make him a new set. Now they must work as a team to find all the materials they need – which turns out to be a challenging new adventure all its own. Song: Zoo

36 "Out With The Garbage / Lights, Camera, Dragons" February 7, 2000

Out With The Garbage: Zak thinks he is doing a good thing by cleaning Wheezie's side of the room. But he soon discovers that the "junk" he threw away was actually all of Wheezie's treasures. Now the gang has to help Wheezie get them back. Lights, Camera, Dragons: When Ord loses his pet mouse, Cheddar, Emmy decides to film "The Great Dragon Mouse Mystery" with her video camera. But she causes some hard feelings when she refuses Max's help and suggests that her cast of dragons work through a lunch break. Song: Betcha Can

37 "Zak Takes A Dive / Under The Weather" February 8, 2000

Zak Takes A Dive: Zak has never been swimming before, but later realizes that trying new activities is fun. Under The Weather: The gang must investigate why the weather in Dragon Land is behaving so oddly. Song: Touch

38 "My Emmy Or Bust / Light My Firebreath" February 9, 2000

My Emmy Or Bust: Max is summoned to Dragon Land while Emmy is at the store and accompanies the dragons on an underwater mission. Light My Firebreath: Wheezie drinks a Plump Gump Flower which douses her fire breath, so Dr. Booboogone gives them instructions on how she can get it back. Song: Zoo

39 "To Do Or Not to Do / Much Ado About Nodlings" February 10, 2000

To Do or Not To Do: When Cassie's friends get trapped inside a huge Dragonrhinoceros, they try to tell her to do what they think to escape, but Cassie wants to try her own idea. Much Ado About Nodlings: Max's accidentally breaks the Nodlings' wagon with his bulldozer and without it, they are in trouble. When everyone's attempts to fix it fail, Max sticks it out, determined to correct his mistake. Song: Silly Song

40 "Don't Bug Me! / Over And Over" February 11, 2000

Don't Bug Me!: While hunting for a Flutterby, Max scares Ord with a spider. But Max loves bugs and cannot understand how Ord could be afraid of them. Over And Over: Max cannot swing on the monkey bars, and he wants to learn, but he just cannot do it. However, when Ord gets trapped in sap, it is up to Max to swing to the rescue. Song: Betcha Can

41 "Lucky Stone / The Mefirst Wizard" June 4, 2001

Lucky Stone: Ord has lost his lucky heart-shaped stone and explains that he needs it to do three loop-de-loops, four aerial zigzags, and a round springback handoff after Max confesses that he threw it in the river when he and Emmy were skipping rocks. But when Ord does his tricks, he learns that he did not need the stone to be lucky at all. Just by believing in himself. The Mefirst Wizard: The friends fight over who should go first on an obstacle course and unleash a two-headed wizard who always goes first. It's up to them to recite a spell to send him back. Song: Doodli-Do

42 "Cassie Catches Up / Very Berry" June 5, 2001

Cassie Catches Up: Cassie loses confidence when she can't seem to win a prize at the fair. Very Berry: While everyone is picking Dragonberries, Ord gets stuck in a hole. Now the rest of the group has a big problem to solve. How to help get him out. Song: Friends

43 "Finders Keepers / Remember The Pillow Fort" June 6, 2001

Finders Keepers: The friends are going to the Dragon Land Aquarium for a day, but Zak and Wheezie lose the tickets. Remember The Pillow Fort: Ord and Max pretend to be kings and build a pillow fort, but they get into an argument over which color it should be. Song: Dance

44 "Big Funky Cloud / Copy Cat" June 7, 2001

Big Funky Cloud: Ord's favorite blanket goes down the Lost Forever Hole and he has a Big Funky Cloud over him. So the friends try cheer him up to make the cloud go away. Copy Cat: Max finds a Copy Cat with two heads. He names one end "Me" and the other end "Ow." However, the cat makes him act like Emmy. Song: Doodli-Do

45 "One Big Wish / Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" June 8, 2001

One Big Wish: Max is tired of being little, so he makes a wish in the wishing well which makes him grow giant. But later, Max regrets being big. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Max and Ord are both proud of the art project they created, but they cannot agree on who gets it to take it home until Quetzal shows them how to take pride in sharing. Song: Friends

46 "A New Friend / Have No Fear" June 18, 2001

A New Friend: Lorca, a dragon in a wheelchair, comes to the School In The Sky and leads the friends on an exciting treasure hunt. Have No Fear: Ord is afraid of BeeBee, Cassie's pet Butterfrog. But when BeeBee flies away, Ord must overcome his fear and come to her rescue. Song: Dance

47 "Cassie The Green-Eyed Dragon / Something's Missing" June 19, 2001

Cassie The Green-Eyed Dragon: Cassie brings her baby brother, Finn to school, but becomes jealous when her friends pay more attention to him instead of her. Something's Missing: Emmy is going to summer camp while Max is in Dragon Land. Max misses Emmy and he and his dragon friends try to come up with a solution to Emmy missing out on the fun. Song: Doodli-Do

48 "A Crown For Princess Kidoodle / Three's A Crowd" June 20, 2001

A Crown For Princess Kidoodle: The friends help Princess Kidoodle get crowned Queen of the Doodle Fairies. Three's A Crowd: Emmy meets a new dragon friend and begins playing with her, ignoring Cassie. Song: Friends

49 "Knuck Knuck, Who's There? / Just Desserts" June 21, 2001

Knuck Knuck, Who's There?: Emmy and Cassie try to get some sticks back from the Giant of Nod and get lost in a series of tunnels. Just Desserts: The friends accidentally ruin a Wiggly-Jiggly dessert Mungus the Giant made for his mother's birthday. So they all pitch in to help him make a new one. Max and Cassie go to pick Buttercups and Catgloves, Zak and Wheezie find pink and yellow seashells, and Ord and Emmy find blue and red round and square bubbles as the ingredients. Song: Dance

50 "Dragonberry Drought / A Snowman For All Seasons" June 22, 2001

Dragonberry Drought: The friends go Dragonberry picking and discover that all the dragonberries have disappeared until they realize that Mungus the Giant picked them all to bake a pie for the Do-Re-Mi Birds. A Snowman For All Seasons: The friends go to Snowy Summit to play with Chilly and Nippy until they realize the weather is warming up. So they go to Polly Nimbus' cloud factory to bring the snow back. Song: Doodli-Do

51 "I Believe In Me / Bye Bye Baby Birdie" September 3, 2001

I Believe In Me: Cassie is nervous about being in the school play, so her friends help her practice. Bye Bye Baby Birdie: Emmy finds a baby Rhyme Bird and names her Cutie Pie. However, she realizes she took her away from her family and she and her friends go to bring her home. Song: Ord Shuffle

52 "Back To The Storybook / Dragon Scouts" September 4, 2001

Back to the Storybook: The kids and dragons go back into Quetzal's magic pop-up book. This time, with Kiki, Finn, and Lorca to imagine the fairytales and meet the characters themselves, such as Goldilocks, Jack from "Jack and the Beanstalk," the Old Woman who Lived in the Shoe, and King Midas. Dragon Scouts: Cassie joins the Dragon Scouts. Song: Cassie

53 "The Serpent's Trail / Head Over Heels" September 5, 2001

The Serpent's Trail: Emmy gets a new detective kit, but Cyrus the Slinky Serpant steals it. Head Over Heels: Quetzal tells the friends to deliver gaspacho (cold soup) to a sick Fernando, but they must pass a grumpy tollbooth troll named Trumpy who tells people that the only way to get over his bridge is to cartwheel. Song: Wake Up

54 "Sticky Situation / Green Thumbs" September 6, 2001

Sticky Situation: Max is left to guard some baby animals, but he neglects his duties and lets a baby Dragonpig named Oinkers out. Green Thumbs: The friends bring a Dragon Daisy named Lily back to her family. Song: Ord Shuffle

55 "Teasing Is not Pleasing / Team Work" September 7, 2001

Teasing Is not Pleasing: The friends are playing in a Dragonbasketball game, but the other team has many bullies and they tease the friends. Team Work: Zak and Wheezie get sprayed by a Stinkydink Bug and must work together to get the smell off. Song: Cassie

56 "On Thin Ice / The Shape of Things To Come" September 17, 2001

On Thin Ice: Zak and Wheezie learn how to ice skate on their way to Willie the Seal's birthday party. The Shape of Things To Come: After Zak's Dragon Disc falls into Marshmallow Marsh, the kids and dragons go to Crystal Cave, using Max's knowledge of shapes. Song: Wake Up

57 "Hide And Can't Seek / The Art of Patience" September 18, 2001

Hide And Can't Seek: Ord isn't good at hide and seek. The Art of Patience: Everybody makes Quetzal birthday presents out of Color Clay, but when Max makes the sculptures dry faster, they all melt away. So they go to Rainbow Canyon to get some more Color Clay and replicate their sculptures in time for Quetzal's party. Song: Ord Shuffle

58 "So Long Solo / Hands Together" September 19, 2001

So Long Solo: Zak invites the Jugglebug to perform in the Twilight Talent Show, but Wheezie scares him away by playing her trumpet. Hands Together: On Dragontines' Day, the friends participate in a special dance to the song "Los Pollitos," but Ord can't seem to get the moves right. Song: Cassie

59 "Sneezy Does It / Try It, You'll Like It" September 20, 2001

Sneezy Does It: The friends help the Big Whistling Wind get over a cold. Try It, You'll Like It: Zak is scared of the new additions to the Dragon Land amusement park, and the others must try to show him that new things are not so bad. Song: Wake Up

60 "Just For Laughs / Give Zak A Hand" September 21, 2001

Just For Laughs: The friends team up to search for eggs in the Custard Egg Hunt, but they have their hands full looking after Cassie's siblings Kiki and Finn. Give Zak A Hand: The friends are invited to the newly-reformed Spike's fiesta, but Zak injures his wrist while playing Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes. Song: Ord Shuffle

61 "Make No Mistake / The Balancing Act" November 26, 2001

Make No Mistake: Max is scared he'll make a mistake in the school play. But when Ord and Quetzal both slip up on stage and laugh it off, he realizes the show must go on. The Balancing Act: Ord loses Emmy's skateboard while riding it. The gang goes in search of the board and faces several balancing challenges. Song: Be a Dragon

62 "Room For Change / The Sorrow And The Party" November 27, 2001

Room for Change: Cassie has to give up her old room for the new eggs her parents have laid, and is afraid she won't like her new room. The Sorrow And The Party: Max is sad because he didn't get invited to his friend Brian's birthday party, so his friends all try to cheer him up. Song: Try

63 "The Grudge Won't Budge / Putting The Fun In Fun Houses" November 28, 2001

The Grudge Won't Budge: Zak and Wheezie hold grudges against each other and then a large animal called a Grudge appears and won't move unless Zak and Wheezie stop holding grudges against each other. Putting The Fun In Fun Houses: Ord is scared to go into a fun house at the Dragonland Fair, so his friends try different strategies to help him overcome his fear. Song: Be a Dragon

64 "Puzzlewood / Let's Dance" November 29, 2001

Puzzlewood: Max, Emmy and the young dragons discover getting lost can be fun when they have to put their heads together to find a way out of the Puzzlewood forest. Let's Dance: The friends meet a gremlin named Greta who has three magic boxes with a surprise in each one. Song: Try

65 "Just The Two of Us / Cowboy Max" November 30, 2001

Just The Two of Us: Zak and Wheezie are working on a secret project, but they find it is easier to complete it when they let their friends help them with it. Cowboy Max: After Max falls off a carousel horse, he's afraid to ride again. Song: Be a Dragon

66 1 "To Fly With A New Friend" February 28, 2005

Max and Emmy introduce their new friend, Enrique to Dragon Land. Song: When You Make a New Friend

67 2 "Rise And Bloom / Super Snow Day" March 1, 2005

Rise And Bloom: : Max wants to see the Bursting Blossoms event in Dragon Land, but it happens at sunrise and he's afraid he'll sleep through it. Super Snow Day: The friends go sledding up at Snowy Summit, but first they must help Enrique get used to snow, which he has never seen before. Song: Dragon Stomp

68 3 "Musical Scales / Hand In Hand" March 2, 2005

Musical Scales: Zak and Wheezie are singing "El Coqui" for a concert, but it happens when they are shedding their scales. Hand In Hand: Enrique goes to a wishing well to wish that Max and Emmy would stop fighting. Song: Zak & Wheezie

69 4 "Sky Soccer / Making It Fun" March 3, 2005

Sky Soccer: Ord's friends help him get better at soccer by holding drills. Making It Fun: The friends help paint the racetrack for the Junior Unicorn Race, but they find the job boring. Song: Making It Fun

70 5 "Itching For A Cure / The Big Race" March 4, 2005

Itching For A Cure: The friends try to build a house of cards, but the houses fall down when an earthquake shakes them. The shaking turns out to be Mungus the Giant, who has a rash on his back. The Big Race: There's a big race in Dragon Land, and Enrique helps modify Lorca's wheelchair, but leaves him out. Song: Hola

71 6 "Sad Little Star / Try It, You'll Like It" March 7, 2005

Sad Little Star: The friends help a star called Celeste join in on the daytime activities she always misses. Try It, You'll Like It: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Doodli-Do

72 7 "Flip Flop / Just For Laughs" March 8, 2005

Flip Flop: Zak and Wheezie find a golden statue that causes them to flip personalities. Just For Laughs: Repeat of an episode aired in the second season. Song: Flip Flop

73 8 "Finn's Blankie / Let's Dance" March 9, 2005

Finn's Blankie: Cassie's mom throws Finn's blankie in the laundry and Finn is very upset. Let's Dance: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Be a Dragon

74 9 "Lucky Stone / Max Loves A Train" March 10, 2005

Lucky Stone: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Max Loves a Train: Max and his friends help find missing tracks so they can ride the Dragonland Express. Song: Ord Shuffle

75 10 "Cassie The Green-Eyed Dragon / Hello, Ms. Tipps" March 11, 2005

Cassie The Green-Eyed Dragon: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Hello, Ms. Tipps: The class in the School In The Sky has a substitute teacher, Ms. Tipps. The others have a fun day, but Lorca misses Quetzal's way of doing things. Can the others convince him to change his mind? Song: Cassie

76 11 "Teasing Is Not Pleasing / Down The Drain" March 14, 2005

Teasing Is Not Pleasing: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Down The Drain: Captain Scalliwag accidentally pulls the plug that holds the water in Dragoon Lagoon, and it's up to him and the friends to get the water back. Song: C'mon and Blow

77 12 "Express Yourself / A Snowman For All Seasons" March 15, 2005

Express Yourself: Enrique gives Cassie a nickname she does not like, but Cassie is too shy to express her feelings to him. A Snowman For All Seasons: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Speak Up

78 13 "Prince For A Day / So Long Solo" March 16, 2005

Prince For A Day: Ord saves Princess Kidoodle and becomes a hero, but when he has to choose which snack the kingdom would rather eat, he is torn. So Long Solo: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Doodli-Do

79 14 "The Balancing Act / A Small Victory" March 17, 2005

The Balancing Act: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. A Small Victory: Max and Lorca are paired for a scavenge hunt. Max is too small to do very much, and Lorca can't fly and is disabled. However, Lorca shows Max that they can use their disadvantages to win the hunt. Song: Try

80 15 "Feliz Cumpleanos, Enrique / On Thin Ice" March 18, 2005

Feliz Cumpleanos, Enrique: The friends hold a birthday party for Enrique, but he misses Colombian birthday traditions. On Thin Ice: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: When You Make New Friend

81 16 "All That Glitters / Dragonberry Drought" March 21, 2005

All That Glitters: Max accidentally loses Quetzal's precious golden scale and he is afraid Quetzal will be upset. Dragonberry Drought: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Dance

82 17 "A Crown For Princess Kidoodle / Play It And Say It" March 22, 2005

A Crown for Princess Kidoodle: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Play It And Say It: Ord is forgetting the Spanish numbers Quetzal is teaching him, and he is upset. Song: Hola

83 18 "Moving On / Head Over Heels" March 23, 2005

Moving On: Cassie's sister Sophie is going away to cooking school, and Cassie is sad when she leaves. Head Over Heels: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Cassie

84 19 "All Together Now / Team Work" March 24, 2005

All Together Now: The friends go to the Dragon Land Carnival, but when Emmy and Enrique go off to play together, Max feels left out. Team Work: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Speak Up

85 20 "A New Friend / El Dia del Maestro" March 25, 2005

A New Friend: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. El Dia del Maestro: Enrique and his friends help out in the El Dia del Maestro, a concert held every year on a different day in Dragon Land for Quetzal. Song: Friends

86 21 "Making It Fun / The Sorrow And The Party" March 28, 2005

Making It Fun: Repeat of an episode aired earlier in this season. The Sorrow And The Party: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Making it Fun

87 22 "Itching For A Cure / Cassie Catches Up" March 29, 2005

Itching For a Cure: Repeat of an episode aired earlier in this season. Cassie Catches Up: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Dragon Stomp

88 23 "The Big Race / Bye Bye Baby Birdie" March 30, 2005

The Big Race: Repeat of an episode aired earlier in this season. Bye Bye Baby Birdie: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Be a Dragon

89 24 "Sky Soccer / Room For Change" March 31, 2005

Sky Soccer: Repeat of an episode aired earlier in this season. Room For Change: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Try

90 25 "Rise And Bloom / Dragon Scouts" April 1, 2005

Rise And Bloom: Repeat of an episode aired earlier in this season. Dragon Scouts: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Wake Up

91 26 "Musical Scales / Something's Missing" April 4, 2005

Musical Scales: Repeat of an episode aired earlier in this season. Something's Missing: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Zak & Wheezie

92 27 "Green Thumbs / Hand In Hand" April 5, 2005

Green Thumbs: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Hand In Hand: Repeat of an episode aired earlier in this season.

Song: C'mon and Blow Note: Based on part of the special, PBS Kids Share the Earth Day.

93 28 "Super Snow Day / Make No Mistake" April 6, 2005

Super Snow Day: Repeat of an episode aired earlier in this season. Make No Mistake : Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. Song: Flip Flop

94 29 "Finders Keepers / A Storybook Ending" April 7, 2005

Finders Keepers: Repeat of an episode aired during the second season. A Storybook Ending: It's time for the friends to choose from Quetzal's magic pop-up book, but Enrique has never chosen a story. Song: Friends


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