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Blanche the Manatee is a guest who hails from the waterways of Florida in the USA, and appears in the twenty sixth episode and the season 1 finale of The Animal Show. She speaks in a Southern accent. She tells Stinky and Jake about manatees and their tails.


  • "Oh, thank you so much, my dear, sweet Stinky. I have always relied on the kindness of strangers."
  • "Why, it is a delightful tail, Jake, though quite different from my own. Allow me to show you."
  • "That is where we live in the coastal rivers along the Atlantic ocean. We never venture out to the open sea."
  • "Oh, that manatee is doing a good imitation of a rock."
  • "And there's a manatee's tail."
  • "Our paddle-like tail is just marvelous for swimming through the water. But mostly, we enjoy floating."
  • "You boys enjoy a good float, don't you."
  • "Our mouths are very flexible. We can actually grab the food with our lips."
  • "Manatees can eat up to what's 100 pounds of food every day. And we can grow to weight almost 1300 pounds ourselves."
  • "They're just coming up for air. We're not fish, you know. We must come above the water to get air."
  • "We usually surface every four or five minutes, but we can hold our breath for as long as twenty minutes if we must."
  • "Oh, Stinky, we can't come on land."
  • "Oh, thank you, Stinky, but there is a very big reason why we can't come on land."
  • "You see, we're just too large to move around. We need the water to help support our weight. Manatee are so big and slow moving, that sometimes we get hit by a motor boat propellors."
  • "Many of manatees have scars from being hit by a boat."
  • "Farewell, goodbye, and good luck with your tail, Jake."

Voice Actress

  • Karen Prell


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