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Gokuelrey38 Gokuelrey38 7 days ago

New Spoof: Caillou Anderson (Pan 2015)

Hello Everbody, Well Im the Creator Of Ted-Wiggins 1 & 2 And Pablo Pilgrim Vs.The World, And Today Im Think of a New spoof of the Movie Pan from 2015, But The Spoof will Call: Caillou Anderson. Im Thinking the Characters and the Cast, but Well If Sombodey Request me a Character for the Cast Do It, Im Not Have Much ideas, but well This is my Cast, If Sombody Have a idea For the Cast im Gonna Uptade the Cast.

  • Caillou Anderson (Goanimate) As Pan (Peter Pan)
  • Dr.Eggman (Sonic Boom) As Black beard
  • The Once Ler (The Lorax) As James Hook
  • Girl Jordan (The Loud House) As Tiger Lily
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ToonBros2012 ToonBros2012 14 days ago

LX Channel + T Network: Multi-Clash Brawl

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 16 days ago

Fandom updates - Admin Plus and External Platform Guidelines

Hi all! Hope you're all well - a couple of quick updates from me this July. Diving in!

Admin Plus is a course designed to teach admins the fundamentals of building and maintaining a wiki community on Fandom. It covers three core areas:

  • Technical Foundations
  • Content Development
  • Community Building

Any users can watch the videos to learn how to contribute to their wikis, but please be aware that Fandom awards badges of completion only to admins who:

  • Have served in an admin role for at least 90 days
  • Manage wikis that have 100 pages or more

This was brought in due to feedback from wiki admins who wanted to know more about what being an admin entails. Admins have also been putting their adminship status on their resume or CV. With Admin Plus, working wi…

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Wazzupguys Wazzupguys 28 days ago

Bureaucrat Qualifications Discussion

Hi, Wazzupguys here. And since DenisFan1998 hasn't been active for a year. I chose to hold this blog for community about picking new bureaucrats. However, this isn't an election blog. But rather a discussion about the criterias necessary for candidates here to run for such a position. Such as:

  • How much edits should a user have here to be qualified.
  • For how long a user has contributed to the wiki to qualify as a candidate.
  • If the user has a clean records of listening and abiding to the already existing rules of the wiki.
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ItzBeto ItzBeto 28 days ago

Yo. I’m making a Transformers: Dark of the Moon Parody. Any ideas?

I’m working on a spoof called “Transformers: Dark of the Kaiju.”

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GWill34 GWill34 28 days ago

A new project by me called, The Crazy Crossover Show

Hey, GWill34 here, and today, I would like to show a funny idea called The Crazy Crossover Show. So, if your wondering, the idea itself is that I made it to poke fun at Pooh's Adventures and the show is intentionally bad (though, if the show were real, it won't but has a "so bad it's good") and characters from different franchises living in the town called "Fictionville" and stop villains if they well, do something evil. The characters in this show, as I said before, are from other franchises, but most of them have a different personality (since most of them were flanderized). The show also started in August 5, 2019, and currently has 36 seasons (yes really) and would probably have over one thousand episodes. I would love a large collab of…

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ToonBros2012 ToonBros2012 17 July

Super Smash Bros. Clash

  1. Mario
  2. Donkey Kong
  3. Link
  4. Samus
  5. Yoshi
  6. Kirby
  7. Fox
  8. Pikachu
  9. Luigi
  10. Ness
  11. Captain Falcon
  12. Jigglypuff
  13. Peach
  14. Bowser
  15. Ice Climbers
  16. Sheik
  17. Zelda
  18. Dr. Mario
  19. Pichu
  20. Falco
  21. Marth
  22. Young Link
  23. Ganondorf
  24. Mewtwo
  25. Mr. Game and Watch
  26. Meta Knight
  27. Pit
  28. Zero Suit Samus
  29. Wario
  30. Snake
  31. Ike
  32. Squirtle
  33. Ivysaur
  34. Charizard
  35. Diddy Kong
  36. Lucas
  37. Sonic
  38. King Dedede
  39. Olimar
  40. Lucario
  41. R.O.B.
  42. Wolf
  43. Villager
  44. Mega Man
  45. Wii Fit Trainer
  46. Rosalina and Luma
  47. Little Mac
  48. Greninja
  49. Mii Brawler
  50. Mii Swordfighter
  51. Mii Gunner
  52. Robin
  53. Bowser Jr.
  54. Duck Hunt
  55. Ryu
  56. Bayonetta
  57. Inkling
  58. Ridley
  59. Simon
  60. King K. Rool
  61. Banjo and Kazooie
  62. Sora
  63. Golden Goliath
  64. Zeraora
  65. Waluigi
  66. Meowth
  67. Deoxys
  68. Slaking
  69. Victini
  70. Meloetta
  71. M. Bison
  72. Reiko Bomber
  73. Pretty Bomber
  74. Karaoke Bomber
  75. White Bomberman
  76. Aggron
  77. Chun-Li
  78. Palico
  79. Ashley and Red
  80. Alucard
  81. Belmont Bomber
  82. Blossom
  83. Bubbles
  84. Buttercup
  85. Angry Birds
  86. Wreck-It Ralph
  87. Genesect
  88. Aku
  89. Silver
  90. Tornadus
  91. Thunderous…
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PBKGaming192 PBKGaming192 16 July

The White Lion King (2019)

Squidward and GavenLovesAnimals' movie-spoofs of Walt Disney's 2019 Computer-Animated/Live-Action Drama/Musical film The Lion King.

  • 1 Plot:
  • 2 Cast:
  • 3 Other Cast:
  • 4 Scenes Index:
  • 5 Gallery:
  • 6 See Also:

In the Streak Lands of India, a Pack of tigers rule over the animal kingdom from Streak Rock. King Amur and Queen Stealth present their newborn son, Ajay, to the gathering animals by Master Monkey the Golden-Snub Nosed Monkey, the kingdom's shaman and advisor.

Amur shows Young Shere Khan (Cub Ajay) the Streak Lands and explains to him the responsibilities of kingship and the "circle of life," which connects all living things. Amur's younger brother, Shere Khan, covets the throne and plots to get rid of Amur and Ajay, so he may become king. He tricks Young S…

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LexiSparkleMixer23 LexiSparkleMixer23 14 July

The troll returned!

ChilledPower2021 edited The Ghoul Carnival/Transcript and added too many characters that aren't from Riley's Adventures.

EDIT: Superjakob officially cleaned it up.

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 6 July

Fandom updates in July

Hey all!

I wanted to recap on some Fandom updates... and it's A LOT! Will try to keep it TL;DR and any questions/comments/feedback, please let me know!

Celebrate Pride Month with Fandom (click for blog post)

Fandom celebrated Pride month in June with roundtables and community events! Wikis made new themes, we highlighted the work of the LGBTQIA+ Wiki admins, users got together to discuss their experiences, and more!

Community Connect May 27-31, 2022 announcements (click for blog post)

Fandom held an in-person event in LA where many Fandom users and staff met! It was a brilliant occasion, where new friends and connections were made. There were many features and iniatives announced too, read the blog here to find an overview of the event!

Update to th…

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Kennithball97 Kennithball97 3 July

Some Scenes from My Parodies

It's been a while since I've been here, so I just thought I'd make a couple of scenes from my parodies.

  • 1 Robocchio
    • 1.1 Part 14: Father's Proposition
    • 1.2 Part 16: The Trip to Pleasure Island
    • 1.3 Part 18: The Truth of Pleasure Island
  • 2 Smash-It-Snowball

At night, the camera pans into a building labeled "Evil Adults Industries", with the evil not being lit up, and therefore hidden, as we see Sideshow Bob and his partners having a meeting with the CEO of the company, completely coated in darkness.

Sideshow Bob: Hi diddly dee, an actor's life for me, a cuff and chain around the neck, forced to work as the creator's pet, hi diddly dain, an actors life is gain it's great to be a celebrity, an actor's life for me! Hehehehehe! The dummy fell for it, hook, lin…

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Otto Gameplays13 Otto Gameplays13 1 July

The Tyrannosaurus King franchise

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GWill34 GWill34 30 June

"Enemies" sections on userpages are no longer allowed on the wiki

Hi, GWill34 here, and today I have another annoucement.

I have noticed an awful lot of "enemies" section on userpages. Due to this, enemy sections on userpages are no longer allowed since it shows nothing but harassment, even if it is a user who generaly misbehaves on the wiki. If you have an enemies section on your userpage, please remove it. Any user who creates an enemy section on their userpage starting on the first day of July, will be blocked without warning for harassment. Anyway, this is GWill34 from this blog post, continue to create as much fan content as you want.

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NR1&GLAFan2004 NR1&GLAFan2004 27 June


Isaac Helton and his accounts, insulted me, harrassed me, botherd me, and had several warnings, but they all failed to do so.

Here are the results.

  • User:Dreams for Isaac Helton9 (Vewiers out there, please stop begging me to unblock this user, bececause of his failure to follow the rules creating sockpuppets while blocked and continues to insult me and other people).And, please, DO NOT beg me to unblock User:Non-Sockpuppet Dreams for Isaac Helton nor any of the other socckpuppet accounds either, because he is a sockpuppet of Dreams for Isaac Helton9,4,3,1 and 01.
  • User:All Dreams for Isaac Helton4
  • User:All Dreams for Isaac Helton3
  • User:Dreams For Isaac Helton1
  • User:Dreams for Isaac Helton01

They all kept harrassing me, antagonizing me, bullying me, a…

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Announcement about mah parodies!

You know all about Justin Quintanilla's parodies, right? My favorite is Phineladdin. It has images with different sizes and changed my life. I am going back to PNG, white backgrounds, rectangular images, and all different images, some images will have the same images as Finding Dennis, Finding WALL-E, Turning Car, The Good Clownfish and other parodies that had the same images. THX

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 12 June

Celebrate Pride Month with Fandom!

Hey all.

In June, Fandom is celebrating Pride Month! Fandom is excited to celebrate Pride and the accomplishments of creators in the LGBTQIA+ community. Our theme for Pride this year is Love Will Keep Us Together - and it would be great if all if you could join in the celebrations!

We want to raise awareness and celebrate through a variety of events which you can find out more about in this blog.

We are spotlighting content in upcoming events, including roundtables and hosting a tournament bracket on Drag Race Wiki! The Movies/TV roundtable has already happened, but below are some other great upcoming ones! Roundtables are a great opportunity for users to discuss their favourite franchises. They are easy to join, you just need to be in Fandom's …

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ClausTheCool ClausTheCool 6 June

Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Creepers

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QuahogTV QuahogTV 6 June

Why is this wiki so crappy, and corny?

Most of the family guy, King of the hill and American dad pages are weirdly overshadowed by Barney, and those garbage kids movies smh.

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NR1&GLAFan2004 NR1&GLAFan2004 29 May

64 Zoo Lane Live Action Remake

Let's take a look at the stars (well, animals) from the 64 Zoo Lane in Real Life series,

Our first animal is the one with a hump, and it's a dromedary camel from the deserts of North Africa and the middle east of Asia,

Our second animal in the theme song is an eastern grey kangaroo, and I like how they used it instead of a red or a western grey kangaroo.

The hippo is third in the song, and here we have a common hippopotamus, who lives in the grasslands and marshlands of eastern, southern and west Africa.

Our fouth animal is the panther chameleon from the rainforests of Madagascar, and I like how it's in a rainforest than in the desert. It would make sence if they used the Namaqua chameleon from t…

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 14 May

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

Hey guys!

Fandom is celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month. It’s important to celebrate AAPI Month as Asian Americans have contributed significantly to American culture—science, sports, activism and entertainment to name a few.

What is it?

Celebrating it in May we extend this initiative for all to celebrate! This year’s theme will focus on Visibility and Amplification - shining a light on individuals, amplifying voices, and creating spaces for people to share their story.

You can read more in this blog!

Ways to celebrate

Fandom is hosting some events to celebrate this month, including roundtables, interviews, and more!

In terms of roundtables, the next one is covering TV shows!


May 18 - 9AM PST / 6PM CET



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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 24 April

Interactive Maps are here!

Hey all!

Fandom recently announced that Interactive Maps are live on the platform. As a recap, Interactive Maps is a feature available on Fandom where communities can design their own customized maps. You can place pins on an image that will lead to wiki articles when clicked on!

Interactive Maps are available to all communities, accessible from the the "Explore" menu on the local navigation, or by visiting Special:AllMaps directly in the URL. Map creation and editing is currently limited to those with the user right editinteractivemap, which is automatically given to administrators and Fandom Staff.

If you're excited about this feature and would like to start playing around with one, reach out to an active admin to receive the necessary rights.…

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Otto Gameplays13 Otto Gameplays13 16 April

Zoo Tycoon 3

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3bzfwj 3bzfwj 30 March

Miss Keane introduces PPG to Cindy Bear

This is the picture I made called: Miss Keane introduces PPG to Cindy Bear.

  • Miss Keane: Hi, girls!
  • PPG: Hi, Miss Keane!
  • Blossom: Um, Miss Keane? Who's right behind you?
  • Bubbles: Aw, she's so beautiful! But she's so furry.
  • Buttercup: That's a bear, Bubbles. Look at her, she's wearing a ribbon, a flower and a skirt.
  • Miss Keane: (chuckles) Not just any bear, Buttercup. I like you girls to meet my best friend, Cindy Bear!
  • Cindy Bear: Hello, girls!
  • PPG: Hello, Cindy Bear. It's very nice to meet you.
  • Cindy Bear: It's nice to meet you girls too. But call me "Cindy", okay? (winks)
  • Buttercup: But, you're a talking bear.
  • Cindy Bear: That's me, and you're just a cute looking bugged person.
  • Buttercup: I'm not a bug, I'm the part of the...
  • PPG: Powerpuff Girls!
  • Cind…

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IAmaBoomer IAmaBoomer 27 March

My Pokémon walkthrough!

Oh, hello there! As you can see, I'm too lazy to record software, and now, I have screenshots of my Pokemon playthrough! I hope you enjoy! Today's game is going to be......


That's right! And today, I'm going to show you screenshots of my adventure, via the OpenEmu emulator (I have a Mac, and I think MacBooks are far more superior than Windows laptops). So, let's begin!

Now, Im going to put some disclaimers:

  • I have used Action Replay codes in this game, so some Pokémon may not be legit.
  • I also used Rare Candies for this playthrough, so that's not fun.

Anyways, let's-a go!

Now, I don't have screenshots of the starters and the rival battle, but I have these instead!

Coming Soon!

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 25 March

Fandom Wiki Rules and Blocking policy updates

Hey guys!

Recently, Fandom staff posted updates to the Fandom Wiki Rules and Blocking Policy. As a reminder, this is a global policy to aid the wellbeing of communities that all wikis have been following since 2021. These new changes go into effect on April 4th.

  • An added section outlining what it means to be a good admin. Some tips include being open to users asking for advice, not acting as if you are the “owner” of the wiki, assuming good faith etc
  • The “Need ideas for rules?” section was moved to its own page and added more example rules to be used if needed.
  • An added section requiring a pathway to adminship. This is a system your community can set up to allow for long-time users who care about the wiki and community to eventually become admins…

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Denosoar Denosoar 25 March

Is there a parody wiki for more mature parodies

I'm making a parody called Nunya and Pita start a cult, and I want to find a wiki that allows more adult content.

(P.S this wiki is really weird)

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Kennithball97 Kennithball97 21 March

Hotel Unova: The Quadrilogy

Yeah, since the series as a whole kinda jumped the shark after just one sequel, I've decided to kind of make my own version of the franchise. Here's to hoping this isn't against the rules.

Our story begins at a house, in a strong snowy night storm. Inside we find a woman alongside a baby, one that starts to sing. It reminds her of her divorced husband from long ago, who left his wife to become a singer himself, which immediately angers the woman.

(Music is set to 0:31) Elsewhere in town, we see a levitating figure, one that vague resembles a cat, but looks much more like a genetic experiment made with godlike power. His name was Mewtwo.

Most residents inside the town fled to their homes or the nearest shelter in fear, of just what this vile fi…

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 4 March

Fandom updates - Women's History Month, MediaWiki 1.37, and quizzes!

Hey guys!

Further to my last post, I have updates on Women's History Month, MediaWiki 1.37, and quizzes!

Women's History Month in March

For Women’s History Month, Fandom intends to spotlight creators, IPs, and women behind-the-scenes at Fandom and editors that “break the bias” by forging a path that supports women's equality. Read more here!

MediaWiki 1.37 upgrade

In March, Fandom will starting the upgrade from MediaWiki 1.33 to MediaWiki 1.37. Think of this like a mobile phone software update that brings security updates and more. Upgrading means wikis get the latest updates and improvements.

Note: this is not a design change on Fandom and impact on wikis should be minimal compared to UCP and FandomDesktop changes. This Help page provides a detailed …

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Sam5709 Sam5709 1 March

Vicky Unicorn Is So Cute!

I Have Pink Shoes

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Sam5709 Sam5709 24 February

My New design! For DeviantArt!

Fantastic Design!

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RockoHefferFilburt RockoHefferFilburt 22 February

What do you think about this couple? 1

This couple might be pretty weird.

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GWill34 GWill34 20 February

Important News

Hi there, GWill34 here, and I have an announcement for the future.

Today, I now announce that we will be having a major change on this wiki.

  • 1 What is going to be new here?
  • 2 Changes for Character Articles
  • 3 "Real World" Articles
  • 4 Content
  • 5 Other things

Why did I made this blog post you ask? Well I made this blog post since it could be like a fanon-like encyclopedia. So we could have articles on stuff such as various media (movies, television, video games, books, etc.), listing info about that media and as well as some videos and even the spoofs of these listed. I honestly think this could be fun. Aside from fictional stuff, we would also have some real life information such as real people (actors, historical figures, etc.), locations (countries, cit…

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NR1&GLAFan2004 NR1&GLAFan2004 17 February


User:DavidPeartFan2003Good (BETTER KNOWN TO ME AS DAVIDPEARTFAN2003BAD) is continuously bullying, attacking, annoying, bothering, lying, fighting, getting on my nerves, forcing me to do requests that I'm not intrested in doing, getting revenge and being mean me, AND HE IS ALSO MAKING GROUNDED VIDEOS OUTTA ME!!!. This has to stop, I really mean it! or else I'm calling someone to global David and his clones.

These users also do/did the same things:

  • User:DavidPeartFan2003Good2
  • User:DavidPeartFan2003'sMovieCorner
  • User:Davidpeartfan2003

Please stop threating me, DavidPeartFan, it is getting constanly annoying, If you keep doing this, then I will call out the other admins to report you.

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Sam572009 Sam572009 15 February

FestivalV The Movie!

Coming Soon To December 7th 2022!

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PPie008 PPie008 10 February

Henry Love Buttercup

Henry Love A Girlfriend, "Buttercup", from The Powerpuff Girls, Henry Is Hero With Pierry Radrik And My Version (Villain Is Out).

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RockoHefferFilburt RockoHefferFilburt 6 February

I have some good news about my spoof of Over the Hedge

I'm working on a video of part 1 of Over the Hedge (my style)!

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Spongebob456 Spongebob456 2 February

Fandom Quarter 1 updates for 2022!

Hey again everyone!

For those of you who don't know who I am, I'm Chris - the Fandom Wiki Representative assigned to this wiki. I just wanted to update you all on some Fandom updates in the first quarter of this year, including new team members, new features, and a new initiative!

Celebrating Black History Month with Fandom!

Fandom is celebrating Black History Month throughout February! We’re highlighting recent media impacted by Black creators, including TV shows, movies, video games, comics, and artists. We hope that you spend some time diving deep into some of the IPs that made 2021 such a memorable year.

We’re preparing some fun initiatives for later this month so make sure to join our Discord server, as well as follow our @FandomWikis Twitter…

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RockoHefferFilburt RockoHefferFilburt 26 January

What do you think about this quartet/group?

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RockoHefferFilburt RockoHefferFilburt 26 January

What do you think about these brothers?

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RockoHefferFilburt RockoHefferFilburt 26 January

What do you think about these cousins?

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Clancy.Long Clancy.Long 19 January

A Quick Message To You All

Can you please add more characters hating A Car's Life: Sparky's Big Adventure, oh and they are...

Walt Disney Animation Studios



3.Robin Hood

4.Winnie the Pooh










14.John Smith



17.Jane Porter





22.Hiro Hamada

23.Judy Hopps

24.Nick Wilde





2.Buzz Lightyear

3.Bo Peep


5.James P. Sullivan

6.Mike Wazowski



9.Mr. Incredible




13.Carl Fredricksen



16.Miguel Rivera

Blue Sky Studios




4.Rodney Copperbottom

5.Fender Pinwheeler

6.Horton the Elephant



9.Charlie Brown


11.Lance Sterling

Sony Pictures Animation


2.Elliot …

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Robyn Stewart Robyn Stewart 15 January

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Robyn Stewart POE TWO Style)

  • 1 Phases
    • 1.1 Phase One
    • 1.2 Phase Two
    • 1.3 Phase Three
    • 1.4 Phase Four (Films)
    • 1.5 Phase Four (TV Series)
  • 2 MCU Spoof Cast
    • 2.1 Phase One
      • 2.1.1 Iron Surly
        • Episode 3: What If The World Lost Its Mightiest Heroes?
        • Episode 4: What If Doctor RJ Lost His Heart Instead Of His Hands?
        • Episode 5: What If Zombies?!
        • Episode 6: What If Stinky Pete Rescued Surly?
        • Episode 7: What If Verne Were An Only Child?
        • Episode 8: What If Ratchet Won?
        • Episode 9: What If Vincent Broke His Oath?
        • Season 2
      • 2.1.2 Hercules
      • 2.1.3 Dragon Fury Knight
      • 2.1.4 She-Rodent
      • 2.1.5 Secret Invasion
      • 2.1.6 Ms. Squirrel
      • 2.1.7 The Pigeons Of The Galaxy Hoilday Special (TV Special)
      • 2.1.8 Ironheart
      • 2.1.9 Squirrel Wars
      • 2.1.10 Untitled China Town series
      • 2.1.11 Untitled Halloween specia…
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NR1&GLAFan2004 NR1&GLAFan2004 7 January

Globalling Mokaw

This user named User:Mokaw21059 has been pestering me and FictionRulez/FictionRulezForever with pointless requests on and off for four months straight. Me and Rulez like to have time together and make spoofs, not make multi-requests for Mockaw. We are done with her. I hope she gets globalled.

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Shegot1111411 Shegot1111411 28 December 2021


So , few days ago I made a duet on tik tok with my friends with a song about crispyjuicytender(mc donald's), and me I used to be Brandy Harrington from Brandy and Mr Whiskers , I choosed a photo when Brandy screams,and I notice one thing..... Mc Donald's logo looks like back of the Brandy's throat I mean her uvula. And also I made a meme and me and a friend we call this now McBrandy 😂😂😂

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Shegot1111411 Shegot1111411 28 December 2021


I drew a little comic requested by a friend on tik tok about the characters that are in "the naughty list". The characters are : Santa Claus, Vicky (from the fairly oddparents), Brandy Harrington (from Brandy and Mr Whiskers), Suzy Johnson (from Phineas and Ferb) Sarah (from Ed Edd n Eddy), Angelica Pickles (from Rugrats) and Sid (from toy story).As you can see, I made a drawing on paper, it is not colored, and I also drew another one in ibis paint. Santa Claus will give them coal and Sarah being very mad at him.

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PPi68 PPi68 30 November 2021


Something Make Relationships

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Gloria Bomfim Gloria Bomfim 26 November 2021

Toons, Inc. (2001; CharlieBrownandSci-TwiFans Style)

CharlieBrownandSci-TwiFans's Movie-Spoof and Video Game Style of Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios's 2001 Animated Comedy Adventure Movie Film "Monsters, Inc."

  • James P. "Sulley" Sullivan - Diego (Ice Age; 2002)
  • Michael "Mike" Wazowski - Charlie Brown (The Peanuts Movie; 2015)
  • Boo - Cameron "June" Bailey (Wonder Park; 2019)
  • Boo (in Monster Disguise) - Jigglypuff (Pokémon)
  • Randall Boggs - Moriarty (Sherlock Gnomes; 2018)
  • Henry J. Waternoose III - Hunter (Storks; 2016)
  • Celia Mae - Sci-Twi (My Little Pony: Equestria Girls)
  • Roz - Rosalina (Super Mario Galaxy Game)
  • Fungus - Escargoon (Kirby Right Back at Ya)
  • Needleman and Smitty - Mario and Luigi (Nintendo)
  • Yeti the Abominable Snowman - Mack (Cars)=(Voice-Actor Reference)
  • Thaddeus "Phlegm" Bi…

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Gloria Bomfim Gloria Bomfim 26 November 2021

NickToons, Inc.

  • James P. Sullivan - SpongeBob SquarePants
  • Mike Wazowski - Patrick Star (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Herself - Sandy Cheeks (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Boo - Jenny Wakeman (My Life As a Teenage Robot)
  • Boo in Monster Disguise - Magenta (Blue's Clues)
  • Randall Boggs - Plankton (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Mr. Waternoose - DoodleBob (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Celia Mae - Princess Mindy (The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie)
  • Roz - Mrs. Puff (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Needleman and Smitty - AJ and Chester (The Fairly OddParents)
  • Fungus - Squidward Tentacles (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Abominable Snowman - Steve (Blue's Clues)
  • Mrs. Flint - Kitty Katswell (T.U.F.F. Puppy)
  • Thaddeus Bile - Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Betty - Fred (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Jerry - Tom (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Small Mons…
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FF2007 FF2007 26 November 2021

Get Playstation Animate 2008 5th ReturnsakaPlaystationTheGamerAndAnimator is Back Blocked From this wikI!!!!

I want that user blocked!!!! He keeps harassing me!!! User:Playstation Animate 2008 5th Returns

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Fallout Fanatic 2007 The Vyonder

Fallout Fanatic 2007 The Vyonder is a bad users. Who editing and fixing my page and telling me to bad words and "stop harassing me" in the my page on wiki fandom, He acting like a manchild and crying like a crybaby. Just he calling me "TentAnimation" in the my page. (DO NOT DELETING MY BLOG POST AND DO NOT HATE COMMENTS AT MY BLOG POST ALLOWED)

Me: Hey STFU bad user you son of b****. Fallout Fanatic 2007, You are c***head! That's it, You are Liam Gelsin wannabe. Go to different wiki right now, I freaking hate you and stop blaming me right now, you're boss!

Fallout Fanatic 2007 The Vyonder: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!

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