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This is a transcript for Blue's Big Musical Movie (AlexBrattenRockz Style).
  • Blue: (Barking and Reading) Blue's Big Musical (AlexBrattenRockz Style)!
  • (Book opens)
  • Periwinkle: (Laughs)
  • Blue: (Barks Hi, Out There! Come On In!)
  • Periwinkle: (Laughs)
  • (Door opens)
  • Blue: (Barks Hi! You're Here! Mr. Salt, Mrs. Pepper! They're Here!)
  • Mr. Salt: Hey, Look Who's Here!
  • Paprika: Hi, Hi!
  • Mrs. Pepper: Oh, Good! You're Here! Now We Can Really Get Ready for The Music Show!
  • Mr. Salt: Ah, We are Really Going to Need Your Help Today!
  • Steve: (Snoring)
  • Mrs. Pepper: What is That Sound? Do You Know?
  • Children: Snoring!
  • Mr. Salt: Snoring? Is Steve Still Sleeping? There's No Time for Sleeping! Will You Go with Blue and Wake Up Steve? Excellent!
  • Mrs. Pepper: We'll Go Start The Breakfast!
  • Paprika: Ooh, Yummy! Mmm!
  • Blue: (Barks Come On!)
  • Tickety: Steve, It's Time to Get Up! Steve, Wake Up!
  • (Rings her bells)
  • Steve: Duck, Duck... Goose. (Laughs)
  • Blue: (Barks Hi, Tickety!)
  • Tickety: Hi, Blue. Oh, Oh, Hi! Maybe You Can Help Me! It's Time to Wake Up Steve, But He's Not Getting Up!
  • (Tickety rings her bells)
  • Tickety: Rise and Shine, Steve!
  • Steve: (Snoring)
  • Tickety: Will You Help Me Wake Up Steve? Great! If We Both Yell "Wake Up, Steve!", I Know It'll Work! Ready? 1, 2, 3!
  • Blue, Tickety, and Children: Wake Up, Steve!
  • (Steve wakes up)
  • Steve: What? Huh? Clue? Oh. Oh, It's You! Wow! You're Here Really Early Today!
  • Tickety: Steve, The Big Music Show is Today! You Need to Start Getting Ready!
  • Steve: Oh. Right. The Big Music Show. The Big Music Show! It's Today!
  • (Steve gets out of his bed)
  • Steve: The Big Music Show is... is Today and I Overslept! There's So Much to Do!, We Have to Build A Stage, We Need to Make Our Snacks, We Have to Make Costumes, We Need to Add A Rehearse..., I Don't Think I Can Get Everything Done in Time!, Unless I Have Your Help!, Will You Help Me Get Everything Ready?, You Will?, This is Gonna Be So Great!, It's Called..., The "You Can Be Anything You Wanna Be" Show!
  • (Song Starts)
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