Bob-ombs are deadly bombs in Super Mario Bros. One of them, Oscar, has his own sitcom: The Bob-omb Chef. This sitcom centers around Oscar's adventures and mysteries with a billionaire family of other Bob-ombs: Aaron, 38, and Bella Fuselight, 38, the parents of eight kids: Cynthia, 18, the firstborn and eldest daughter; Dillard, 16, the eldest son; Edith, 14 the pacifist; Felix, 12, the handybomb; Gwen, 10, the semigoth; Harold, 8, the genius; Isabella, 6, the youngest daughter; and Jake, 4, the youngest son. The supporting characters are Kirby, 29, the Fuselights' butler; Lizzy Blackburn, 12, their next-door neighbor and Felix's girlfriend, Marvin and Nicole Blackburn, Lizzy's parents; Percy Chaar,6, Isabella's boyfriend ; Quincy, the mayor; Roxanne Smoky, 16, Dillard's girlfriend; Sabrina, Oscar's twin sister; Thomas Boomboil, 18, Cynthia's boyfriend; Ursula Singeblast, 8, Harold's girlfriend; Valtor, the mailbomb; Wally Ashcan, 14, Edith's boyfriend; Xavier DeTona, 10, Gwen's boyfriend; Yvette, the mayor's assistant; and Zoey Windup, 4, Jake's girlfriend.

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