Profile - Bob Parr

Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible is a superhero from The Incredibles.

He currently played Thor Odinson in Disney•PIXAR/Marvel Cinematic Universe

He is an asguardian hero and a member of the Avengers

He played Homer Zuckerman in Twilight Sparkle's Stable

He is a farmer

He played King Richard in Ryder Hood

He is Prince John's brother

He played King Triton in The Little Mer-Katie and The Little Emotion and The Little Emotion 2: Return to the Sea

He is Ariel's father and the king of Atlantic

He played King Harold in Oliver (Shrek) and Richard (Shrek)

He is Princess Fiona's father

He played Buzz Lightyear in Aniamated Story

He is Space Ranger

He played Mr. Sykes in Tibetan Mastiff Tale

He is Pufferfish

He played Bigweld in Characters (Robots) (Vinnytovar Style)

He is Robot

He played Lex Luthor (Justice League Member) in Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (Vinnytovar Style)

He is Ally of the Justice League

He played Mr. Salt in Woofster's Clues

He is a Salt Shaker

He played Charles T. Baker in Crossover 51

He is a Astronaut



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