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''Bobby" Proud is Oscar's ''cooler'', successful, and famous funk rock /hip-hop brother.

Sadly, as Oscar points out, Bobby was and is favored over him by their mother; however, he is less intelligent and is a complete failure. Despite being a musician, Bobby still lives with Suga Mama. He, Suga Mama and his father did many good things together, excluding Oscar and making him resentful when he recalls the memories.

Bobby did not get kidnapped by Al Roker like the other adults since he's a kid at heart and mentions that his mother has been gone for a week.

He also cannot swim. This is strange cause in the episode "Strike", its revealed that Suga Mama and Percy paid for years of swimming lessons.

Bobby is also a singing, and lit celebrity as he sings songs like "Dis-funktionall" and he did them on a music video. He's usually singing everything he says, except when he was to stop to ask questions out of confusion or because there's no one around besides those who don't like his singing. Bobby also owns a car that can transform into a mailbox, which he implies helps him avoid cops who try charging him with parking tickets. Oscar is not above abusing him; he once sent Bobby as an invitation to Bebe and Cece's baptism to their overweight cousins, Ray Ray and Boonnetta (who ate Oscar and Trudy's wedding cake before they even got a chance to cut it). He also seems to have a romantic crush on Trudy's actress sister, Diana Parker.