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Bodhi was a minor character in TRON: Uprising, a good friend of Beck, Zed, and Mara. He appeared in Beck's Beginning.


Bodhi had worked at Able's garage with his friends Zed, Mara, and Beck for nearly all his life. He liked challenging Beck to disc competitions, though he invariably lost. He was very competitive; Beck complimented him for never giving up. However, his outspoken recklessness tended to get him into trouble.

Bodhi had just lost another disc spar with Beck in Argon Square when General Tesler's recognizers and light tanks converged on the area, occupying Argon City in the name of Clu. An enormous statue of Clu was placed right in the middle of the square, taking up most of the young programs' playing field. When Bodhi protested, a guard knocked him down with a stun pike. Angered, Bodhi stood and advanced again, but the guard turned and stabbed him with the pike, derezzing him in one lethal blow.

Beck kept the recoding tool that Bodhi had invented and had lent him shortly before his death, later using it, among other purposes, to repair a vehicle in the Outlands and to disable an enemy's light cycle in the Coliseum. His last known use of it was to disarm the bomb that Cyrus had strapped to Tron, telling his mentor that it was thanks to Bodhi that he had been able to release him.

Bodhi being derezzed had also affected everyone at the garage including Beck who was the one affected the most. When Able grounded Beck for being showing up late all the time, he believes Bodhi's death maybe the cause of Beck being late.

Personality and Traits

Bodhi was competitive, reckless, and seldom hesitated to speak his mind. He was rigid and once he set his mind on something it was hard to stop him.

Skills and Abilities

Bodhi was a skilled mechanic, knowing many tricks for fixing vehicles and even inventing a tool that could re-code a broken engine. He assiduously practiced disc-fighting, though he never won a match against Beck.


  • Bodhi is a Sanskrit word meaning 'enlightenment,' usually taken to mean the understanding held by a Buddha regarding the nature of all things.
  • He was the only program in Argon City who was seen to wear red secondary circuits before red secondaries came to signify loyalty to the Occupation.
  • Bodhi's locker is located near Beck's. After his deresolution, the locker remained listed under his name.