Bodi 4 rock dog

Bodi as Shrek

Ninja lloyd lego ninjago movie

llyod garmadon as human shrek

Darma 3 rock dog

darma as ogre fiona


  • Shrek (Ogre)-Bodi (Rock Dog)
  • Human Shrek-Lloyd Garmadon (The Lego Ninjago Movie)
  • Ogre Fiona/Little Mermaid-Darma (Rock Dog)
    Moana Frustrated

    Moana as Princess Fiona

  • Princess Fiona-Moana
    All 038

    vinny(me) as donkey

    Polar express with a face in taf style by noahthegreentank-d9ixug2

    polar express as Donkey (Horse)

    Riff and skozz rock dog

    Riff and Skozz as Big Bad Wolf

  • Donkey-Vinny (Me)
  • Donkey (Horse)-Polar Express Train
  • Big Bad Wolf-Riff and Skozz (Rock Dog)
    Power rangers 20 wild force by thepeopleslima-d66u08s

    Wild Force Rangers as 3 Blind Mice

  • 3 Blind Mice-Wild Force Rangers (Power Rangers Wild Force
    Huey, Dewey and Louie

    huey dewey and louie as 3 Little Pigs

  • 3 Little Pigs-Huey,Dewey, and Louie (DuckTales)
    NEW Character large 332x363 dudley

    dudley as pinnochio

  • Pinnochio-Dudley (TUFF Puppy)
    Thomas the tank engine

    Thomas as Gingy

  • Gingy-
    Danny Phantom (character)

    danny phantom as magic mirror

    Thomas The Tank Engine
  • Magic Mirror-Danny Phantom
    Chief Tui

    Tui as King Harold

  • King Harold-Chief Tui (Moana)
    Wonder Woman

    wonder woman as queen lillian

  • Queen Lilian-Wonder Woman

    Smiler as Fairy GodMother

  • Fairy GodMother-Smiler (The Emoji Movie)

    Gaston as Prince Charming

  • Prince Charming-Gaston (Beauty And The Beast)
    Angus rock dog

    angus scattergood as puss in boots

  • Puss In Boots-Angus (Rock Dog)
    Phantom Virus

    phantom virus as mongo

  • Mongo-Phantom Virus
    Sailor Moon

    sailor moon as the dragon

  • Dragon-Sailor Moon

    Dalmatian Puppies as Dronkeys

  • Dronkeys-Dalmatian Puppies
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