Bodi is a hero

Bodi as Krypto

Angus Scattergood

Angus Scattergood as Streaky The Supercat


Dudley as Ace The Bathound

Jake the Dog

Jake as Stretch-O-Mutt

Darma says idea

Darma as Brainy Barker


Capper as Bull Dog

Wolf W. Wolf

Wolf W. Wolf as Tail Terrier

Meet alex my rock dog s fancharacter by andreystarsuniverse-db3tmaw

Alex as Mammoth Mutt

Gumball darwin

Gumball and Darwin as Paw Pooch

Boris the wolf by sarkenthehedgehog-db1dytq

Boris as Hot Dog

20110209103622!Balto1 1

Balto as Tusky Husky

Ben (Ben 10 (2016))

Ben Tennyson as Kevin

Amber in Sofia the First- Once Upon A Princess

Amber as Andrea (Both start with the "A")

Zig the Hyena

Zig as Squeaky


Bart Simpson as Jimmy The Rat

Bob Parr in The Incredibles 2

Mr. Incredible as Superman

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