Bodi says band

Bodi as Aladdin

Darma 3 rock dog

Darma as Princess Jasmine


Sylvester as Abu

  • bodi (rock dog) as aladdin
  • darma (rock dog) as princess jasmine
  • sylvester (talking kitty cat) as abu
  • rath (ben 10) as rajah
  • wallace and gromit as the sultan
  • thomas the tank engine as magic carpet
  • magic mirror (shrek) as the genie
  • linnux (rock dog) as jafar
  • nick wilde (zootopia) as iago
  • venom (spider-man) as razoul
  • indians (peter pan) as razoul's men
  • WayBig (ben 10) as the caves of wonders
Raph rath and wolverine by thelastdisneytoon-d54bvyt

Rath as Rajah

Wallace and Gromit.

Wallace and Gromit as The Sultan


Thomas as Magic Carpet

Shrek Magic Mirror

magic mirror as Genie


Linnux as Jafar

Nick wilde great

Nick Wilde as Iago

Venom (Sipder-Man)

Venom (The Spectacular Spider-Man) as Razoul ( i share kyle the saiyan king)

Teensies as Indians

Indians as Razoul's Men

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