Tom Cat, Bolt"

Jerry Mouse, Flounder(Little Mermaid franchise)

Robyn Starling, Elmyra Duff(Tiny Toon Adventures)

Aunt Pristine Figg, Madame Medusa(The Rescuers)

LickBoot, Sykes(Oliver and Company)

Ferdinand, Dragon(The Secret of NIMH)

Dr. AppleCheeks, Mr. Smee(Peter Pan)

Daddy Starling, Flynn-Rider(Tangled)

Puggsy, Itchy(All Dogs Go to Heaven)

Frankie De Flea, Flik(A Bug's Life)

Captain Giddie, Homer Simpson(The Simpsons)

Squawk, Iago(Aladdin)

Stray Catchers, Dog Catchers(The Secret Life of Pets)

Droopy, Max(The Secret Life Of Pets)

Patrolman, Zeus(Hercules)  Singing Cat Alley Gang, Scat and Cat and his gang(The AristoCats)

Tom's Owner, Eilonwy(The Black Cauldron)

Moving Man, Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Mask (Sailor Moon)

Bulldog, Scud(Toy Story)


Tom and Jerry is one of my favorite cartoon.

"Robyn Starling" is Elmyra's debut role


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