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Bonnie (Japanese: ユリーカ Eureka) is a traveling companion of Ash who debuted in Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin! along with her older brother, Clemont.

Voice Actors:

  1. Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld - English
  2. Mariya Ise (Episodes 800-884, 899-present) - Japanese
  3. Mika Kanai (Episodes 885-898) - Japanese
  4. Jocelyn Dobles - Spanish
  5. Shandra Schadt - German

She played Kelly in Artemis Live! In New York City

She played Ducky in The Land Before Time (DinosaurKingRockz Style)

She played Bink in Max and Rex Rescue Rangers

She played Dee Dee in Tori's Laboratory

She played Fiona Ogre in Max (Shrek)

She played Rini/Sailor Mini Moon in Sailor Zoe

She played Cream in Ron X

She played Young Tiana in The Princess and the Chipmunk

She played Bubbles in The Powerpuff Girls (Oogleye Style)

She played Jasmine in Maxladdin

She played Rosie in A Great Dane in Central Park

She Played In Krypto Doo

She Played In Max 'n Sammy Rescue Rangers

She Played Mika Cassidy In Sailor Jupiter (165Movies Style)

She Played Ariel's Daughter In The Little Serena 2: Return to the Sea