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Boots is the character from "Dora The Explorer".

Boots played Abu in Tarzanladdin

Boots played Tickety Tock in Blue's Clues (Nick Jr Style)

Boots played Carlos in Franklin & Friends (Barney), and Franklin Home Video

Boots played Marlin in Finding Tico!

Boots played Doc in Megara White and The Seven Animals

Boots played David Tropov in ZOOM (StrongTed201's Version)

Boots played The Busy Beaver in Tickety and the Slippery

Boots played Fernando in Rio (StrongTed201's Version)

Boots played Adult Tarzan in Bootzan

Boots played Spongebob Squarepants in SpongeBoots SquareMonkeys

Boots played Hefty Smurf in The Monkeys

Boots played Wubbzy (character) in Wow! Wow! Boots!

Boots played Jack Bear in Alice & Boots

Boots played Flounder in The Little Explorer (WeLoveAnimation Style). The Little Explorer (TV Series), The Little Explorer II: Return To The Sea and The Little Explorer III: Dora’s Beginning

He is a fish

Boots played Goliath the Lion in Dora’s Circus

He is a lion

Boots played Mowgli in The Jungle Book (Nick Jr Style)

He is man-cub

Boots played Elmo in Sesame Street (BeautifulandWonderful Style):