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He played Barry the Bulldog in Meet the Feebles (NimbusKidsMovies Animal Style)




  • Boris is different from M.A.D. Cat because M.A.D. Cat is a foil to his owner Dr. Claw and will either be petted or pounded on, whereas Boris is only abused in many ways by Spydra, such as being insulted, thrown, or, in extreme cases, petrified by Spydra. Unlike his counterpart, Boris can talk and he likes eating a lot.
  • He, Mulch, Hummus, and Spydra will hopefully join Manfred, Springbaky, Chimpy, The Meanies 80's, Red Guy, Boar Twenty Five, Teresa Pussy Poo, The Greasers, The Rowdy Ruff Boys, Mandark, Gaston, Lefou, Gaston's baddies, Lionel Diamond, and other film spoof travels in the Stephen Squirrelsky and Friends' movie spoof travels will hopefully be in more films to be made.
  • His, Spydra, Mulch, and Hummus's appearances in the Stephen Squirrelsky and Friends' Movie Spoof Travels are Animals, Inc where they and The Greasers try to catch Stephen and his friends, only to miss, and in Sleeping Beauty where he, Lionel, Poodles, Spydra, Mulch, and Hummus are unable to get Stephen and his friends and will even be in more spoof travels.
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