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This is one of Meowth's Stupid Fantasy In short clip is of Season ??? of Episode


  • Just Think what Happed we Catch that Absol and give to the Boss is Present to megen to boss Brash his Teeth stand in his Backyard and and Ready for the Day
  • Boss:Ah what aqaurious Good Day is
  • Meowth:Just we give it to the boss secends the boss is beautiful goes horrenbay day is wrong
  • Boss:Disaster Pokemon in My Backyard Frist thing in the Moring Meowth and Friends Pay for this and that includes My Dry Cleaning Bill too
  • (Screams)
  • What Happend what Possible by best
  • Beats Me she was megen in us new jobs


  • Meowth-Himself
  • Absol - Himself
  • The Boss - Himself
  • Jessie - Magica
  • James