Bradford is a brake van who lives on the Mainland. He works with Samson.


Bradford was brought to Sodor by Samson. When he noticed Thomas struggling with his Troublesome Trucks, Bradford offered to be his brake van for the day. Once coupled up, Bradford quickly took charge of the trucks and barked at them to behave. Thomas and the other engines were very impressed, until they found out how strict Bradford liked to stick to the rules of the railway, which made the trains that they were pulling with him very late. The next day, Thomas decided to take a train without Bradford, but ended up running into trouble with the trucks, and collided with Percy. Bradford eventually went back to the Mainland with Samson.


Bradford is an officious and strict brake van who adheres to every railway rule, no matter how minor the rule might be. Although he means well and does his best to keep the trucks in order, his overzealous attitude makes his trains commonly run very late. Because of this, the engines find him annoying. He is also quite conceited, as he claimed he knew how much the engines "appreciated" him.


Bradford is based on an LMS 20 ton brake van. Various faceless brake vans share this basis.


Bradford is painted light green with a red stripe across his sides. The number "0919" is painted inside his stripes in gold.


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  • Bradford is the first sentient brake van to be introduced in the TV Series since Toad in the third season.
  • Bradford's persona and dialogue are based on Battery Sergeant Major Williams from "It Ain't Half Hot Mum".

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