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Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is an 8-year old talking white Labrador who has lived with the Griffin family since Peter picked him up as a stray. He also possesses various anthropomorphic qualities, such as the ability to speak intelligently, drive a car, and walk bipedally. Earlier in the series, he used the catch phrase "Whose leg do you have to hump to get a dry martini around here?". He also has a particularly sharp wit. Peter is his best friend, despite Brian's vastly superior intelligence - on several occasions, Brian has had to explain Peter's inability to do various things, such as haggling over prices.

Death and Revival

After Stewie destroys his time machine, Brian and Stewie arrive home with a street hockey net. As he is setting it up, Brian is struck by a reckless driver in while Ryan and his Illegal aliens, Ryan evil laughing at his own death, and later succumbs to his severe injuries at the veterinary clinic. After a month of mourning the loss of their beloved pet, the family replaces Brian with a new dog, named Vinny.

In the later episode, Stewie still misses Brian dearly, and spots a past incarnation of himself who has traveled forward in time to Christmas. Stealing the time machine's return pad from his past self and escaped from Ryan and his evil aliens behind as well, Stewie goes back in time and saves Brian's life, After defeated Ryan and his evil aliens who is a reckless driver, he joyously exclaiming "you're alive my friend", when he sees Brian alive. Brian is extremely grateful for being saved, but Stewie of this timeline finds Brian's affections unnerving, not knowing the reason behind them. The episode ends with the family sitting around their Christmas tree, with everything back to normal.

New Family

After he meets his brother, Vinny Griffin. He sees Vinny Griffin's Wife, Sticks the Jungle Badger became the mother of her kids, Rubble, Everest and Tracker. So then Brian Griffin is excited to become the uncle of Rubble, Everest and Tracker.

He played Himself in The Secret of NIMH (DogsVersion)

He is a Mrs. Brisby's Family's Friend

He played The Infraggable Krunk in Alvin's Laboratory

He Played Jiminy Cricket in Stewieocchio

He played Gabe Walker in Cliffhanger (Dragon Rockz Style)

He played The Doorknob in Brittany in Wonderland, Champ Bear, Bright Heart, Treat Heart and Cheer Bear in Wonderland, Champ Bear in Wonderland, Bright Heart in Wonderland, Treat Heart in Wonderland, Cheer Bear in Wonderland and Grumpy Bear in Wonderland

He played Mike in Cartoon Inc. (My Version)

He played James P Sullivan in Animateds Inc, Animateds University And Animateds At Work (Princess Rapunzel Style)

He played Manny in Justice Age, Justice Age: The Meltdown, Justice Age: Dawn of the Dragons, Justice Age: Continental Drift and Justice Age: Collision Course

He played Todd Snap in Pokemon (DinosaurKingRockz Animal Style)

He played Sam the Snowman in Max the Red Nosed Boy

He played Major Glory in Darien's Laboratory

He played Baloo in The Multiverse Book

He is a Bear

He played Steve in Laura's Clues

He played Mr. Sykes in Wolf Tale (Shark Tale)

He is a Pufferfish

Pokémon Guy

  • He is a Growlithe.