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Brian Sinclair is the main protagonist was inspired by Breno Silveira in Brian, Giuseppe, and Cyborg: The Movie on YouTube.


  • Dennis "Cyborg" Junior (brother)
  • Giuseppe Jackson (older brother)
  • Anne Paula Padua (monitor/friend)
  • Princess Raven (girlfriend)
  • Emperor Kudo
  • Uncle Loco (uncle)
  • Auntie Lily (aunt)
  • Grandma Gina (grandmother)
  • Dennis Senior (father)
  • Waldiria Sinclair (mother)
  • Mayara (wife)
  • Mayara's children (nieces and nephews)
  • Brian's patrol woman
  • The lifeguard


  • The Master Squid
  • Invisible Robot
  • Kung Fu
  • Takara Rock
  • Captain Lagoon



He was born on March 24, 2005, in Brasília. He grows up as a teenage boy who has 25 years, now becomes the chief. Together with brothers, Dennis "Cyborg" Junior (born April 20, 2004) and Giuseppe Jackson (born January 23, 1992).

Brian played as Nigel in Finding Po

He is a pelican.

Voice Actors


  • His personality is similar to Dick Grayson/Robin from Batman: The Animated Series.
  • He is the strongest chief and it has an extremely handsome package