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Brice is a Brain Slug from the Futurama series. Originating from the year 3000, he has transported himself to the modern era in order to start the Brain Slug Political Movement in an earlier century.


A lone Brain Slug named Brice, member of the Brain Slug Party on Earth in the year 3000, saw the failure of the movement as nobody was convinced to put a Brain Slug on their head. Believing that humanity may be more gullible in the previous century, Brice takes control of a human who is able to transport the slug back to the 21st century, though he is unable to bring his host with him.

Once in the 21st century, Brice finds himself in a cave, where Dr. Drakken and Shego are plotting a new world domination scheme. Attached to the ceiling of the cave, Brice drops down and lands safely on Shego's head, taking control of her mind. Brice sneaks away with Shego's body while Drakken is distracted.

Using Shego as his host, Brice contacts the Brain Slug planet from the 21st century to let them know about his plans. He also starts a show online in order to convince the human race that they should start wearing Brain Slugs themselves, and begins to build a following.


Brice is more intelligent than an average Brain Slug, capable of foresight and reasoning more advanced than others in his species. He has a sense of humor, opting to have Shego make funny faces as opposed to the zombie stare other Brain Slugs employ.


  • Dr. Drakken: Dr. Drakken is angry that Brice has stolen Shego's body, and is trying to track him down so he can have his assistant back. Brice is unaware that Drakken is after him and pays the doctor no mind.
  • Shego: Brice enjoys controlling Shego and plans to keep her as his permanent host. Shego's brainwaves keep him quite healthy.

Behind the Scenes

Brice is voiced by Nicole Sullivan. Being a Brain Slug, Brice doesn't have a voice of his own, and uses Shego's voice to communicate. As Brice settles into Shego's body, he even begins using Shego's voice for internal monologues.