Bridgette is one of the main characters from Total Drama as well as Geoff's love interest.

She played Nani in Robyn and Chowder

She is Lilo's Older Sister

She played Abby in Optimus Prime: Robots and Creatures For Everyone

She is a Robot Lover and Connor's Friend.

She played Tessie Bear in Geoff's Canada Adventures

She is a Kind-Hearted Teddy Bear and Noddy's Love Interest.

She played as Snow White in Bridgette White and the Seven Mammals

She is a Princess

She played Kathleen Harvey in Lucky (Casper)

She is a Teenage Girl

She played Timothy Q. Mouse in Jake (Dumbo)

She is a Mouse

She played Mrs. Brisby in ​The Secret of NIMH (Jared Sedoris Style)

She is a Mouse

She played Sadness in Inside Out (DisneyLovefan Style)

She is a Blue Emotion

She played Ariel in The Little Summer Girl

She is Mermaid

She played Vanessa Bloome in Fox Movie

She is a Florist

She played Horton the Elephant in Bridgette Hears a Princess

She is a Elephant

She played Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz (Jared1994 Version)

She is a farmgirl from Kansas.

She played Belle in Beauty and the Wolf Dog

She is a French girl.


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