Fushigiboshi no Futago Hime Gyu Bright pose

Prince Bright (ブライト; Buraito) is one of the main characters of Fushgiboshi no Futagohime. He is the prince of the Jewelry Kingdom and the older brother of Altezza. He is the super idol of the Mysterious Star, and extremely popular, especially among girls.


Bright has fair skin, neat blond hair and deep orange,red eyes. He is extremely handsome. He wears a white coat with a red royal cape over it. His clothing is decorated with jewels and his cape is held together by a brooch that has the symbol of the Jewelry Kingdom. That, and his crown, are clear indications that he is the prince of the Jewelry Kingdom.


Bright is a real gentleman, kind and gentle to all everyone, making him the super idol of the Mysterious Star. He takes his responsibilities as prince very seriously.

Anime Characteristics

Since he takes his responsibilities so seriously he begins to feel useless as he is never able to be a big help in many situations. The guilt and grief that accumulated in him ultimately made him the perfect puppet for the black crystal and his personality takes a turn for the worst.

As Dark Bright he is cruel and heartless, indifferent to all the evils he has committed in trying to reach his goal of becoming the king of the Mysterious Star. He doesn't care who he hurts and is willing to harm those who oppose him, unless it's Fine, since he believes he is doing what is needed for the Mysterious Star.

Manga Characteristics

Bright is shown to be willing to take action, even if it does seem rather cruel, in order to protect his kingdom. When the Sky Dragon was rampaging and seemed that nothing could be done to calm it, he was ready to dispatch the Jewelry Kingdom's army to dispose of it as it was causing trouble for his people.


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