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Brock is a character of the television show, Pokemon. He appears in the video game, Trina Mouse Kart.

Voice Actors:

  1. Bill Rogers - English
  2. Yuji Ueda - Japanese
  3. Gabriel Gama - Latin Spanish
  4. Javier Balas - European Spanish
  5. Martin Watier - Canadian French
  6. Antoni Lo Presti - European French
  7. Sergio Cantu - Brazilian Portuguese
  8. Pedro Almendra - European Portuguese
  9. Luca Bottale - Italian
  10. Mattias Knave - Swedish
  11. Marek Włodarczyk - Polish
  12. Fred Meijer - Dutch
  13. Guy Rushiniak - Hebrew



He is a good cook, and likes to prepare food for Pokemon. He also has a tendancy to hit on pretty girls he sees, even Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy.