Dumb bitch

This scene is Pokemon episode, "Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village"

Dale Punches Luna

Orinoco Punches Tammy

Professor Utonium Punches Jasmine

Scooby Doo Punches Gadget

Squidward Punches Foxglove

Danny Punches Gosalyn

Cody Punches Dorothy

Numbuh 1 Punches Numbuh 3

Gil Punches Wanda Li

Kevin Punches Robyn

Tigger Punches Saw

Rex Owen Punches Mina/Sailor Venus

Johnny Bravo Punches Bubbles

Chip Tries Punches Miller

LittleFoot Punches Britta

Ron Punches Hermione

Knuckles Punches Amy Rose

Hogarth Punches Princess Mindy

Shrek Punches Tip

Shaggy Rogers Punches Amy/Sailor Mercury

Aladdin Punches Wendy Darling

Simba Punches Amber

Donald Duck Punches Mrs. Brisby

Basil Punches Olivia Flaversham

Hercules Punches Ariel

Mushu Punches Miss. Bianca

Homer Simpson Punches Princess Daisy

Wart Jenny Foxworth

??? Pounds Kairi

??? Pounds Mavis Dracula

??? pounds Lagoona Blue

??? Pounds GoGo Tomago

Bagheera Pounds Applejack

??? Pounds Princess Calla

??? Pounds Jade Chan

??? Pounds Lagoona Blue

??? Pounds Louise Belcher

??? Pounds Princess Irene

Max Taylor Punches Molly Baker

Aladdin Punches Raye/Sailor Mars

Chip Punches Eleanor Miller

Max Goof Punches Jeanette Miller

Rai Punches Daphne Blake

Jerry Andie

Alvin Seville Pucnhes Brittany Miller

Ichigo Pucnhes VesVes

Kristoff tries to Punches Michelle/Salilor

Jonesy Garcia Punches Sarah Spacebot

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