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the fox mastiff

  Brodi is the main protagonist and the son of Bodi and Darma, grandson of Khampa, Khari, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, husband of Astro, son-in-law of Angus Scattergood and Glory Ackerman, Grandson-in-law of Hugo Ackerman and Jacqueline Ackerman, brother of Adagio, Drodi, Drama, Vix, Chase, Sylvia and Miles "Tails" Prower, great grandson of Robin Hood, Maid Marian, Stu Hopps and Bonnie Hopps and father of Cassie


He played Prince Eric in The Little Mer-Astro Trilogy

He's a Handsome Prince later King

He played Nemo in Finding Brodi and Finding Astro

He's a Clownfish

He played Aladdin in Brodiladdin Trilogy

He's a Street Rat

He played Simba in The Tibetan Mastiff Fox Hybrid King Trilogy

He's a Lion

He played Shrek in Brodi (Shrek) Series

He's an Ogre

He played Prince Charming in Astrorella

He's a Prince

He played Bambi in Brodi (Bambi)

He's a Deer

He played Robin Hood in Brodi Hood

He's a Fox (Just like his Uncle)

He played Diego in Astro the Explorer and Go Brodi, Go!

He's a Animal Rescuer

He played Jayden Shiba in Power Rangers Samurai/Super Samurai (HunterXColleen) Style

He's a Power Ranger and Leader in red with desire of fire

He played Mowgli in The Gaim Book and The Gaim Book 2

He's an Man-Cub

He played Tarzan in Brodizan

He's a Ape Man

He played (With Astro, Adagio and Cassie) Bagheera in The Dreamer Book and The Dreamer Book 2

He and his family are the panthers