Syndrome is the main antagonist from The Incredibles. He is Mr. Incredible's former biggest fan and nemesis. His young counterpart is Incrediboy.

He played Loki Laufeyson in Disney•PIXAR/Marvel Cinematic Universe

He is an adopted brother and an enemy of Thor Odinson

He played Dr. Terminus in John's Deer

He is a doctor

He played Sheriff of Nottingham in Ryder Hood

He is a wolf

He played Lord Farquaad in Oliver (Shrek)

He is the ruler of Duloc

He played Jenner in The Secret of NIMH (HappyEnding912 Human Style)

He is a rat

He played Bruce in Finding Dennis

He is a great shark

He played Francis E. Francis (Human (Evil)) in The Boss Turtle

He is a CEO of Puppy Co and the former CEO of BabyCorp and Boss Baby's nemesis

He played Keith in Hoodwinked! (LUIS ALBERTO VIDEOS GALVAN PONCE Style)

He is a thug

He played Mirror Master in Justice League: Doom (Vinnytovar Style)

He is a member of Legion of Doom



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