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Bugs and Daffy's Adventures of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days is the last Looney Tunes/Diary of a Wimpy Kid crossover film made by J Paul Studios and Kayla XD 2009. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.


The Heffley family attends a pool party at the crowded local pool, where the family meets a former trouble-making friend of Rodrick (Devon Bostick) who is now a model student after attending a military school for boys going in the eighth grade known as Spag Union. With Greg (Zachary Gordon) going in the eighth grade, Greg's dad, Frank (Steve Zahn) thinks about enrolling Greg there. Greg's summer starts off badly: his father bans Greg from playing video games in anger at Greg's laziness and also bans Greg from watching TV after Rodrick laughs at Greg, and his mother Susan (Rachael Harris) starts a book club for Greg's friends and classmates, but she does not see their books as real literature and forces them to read classic books, which Greg sees as boring. Frank is also jealous of their neighbor's athletic kids, and after his video game ban, Susan forces Frank and Greg to bond with each other; their bonding activities end in disaster.

A few weeks later, Greg's best friend, Rowley Jefferson (Robert Capron), takes Greg to the local country club, where Greg enjoys the lifestyle and the fact that his crush, Holly Hills (Peyton List), teaches tennis there. Greg returns home to learn that Frank signed him up for an unpaid summer internship at his office without his consent, and Greg lies about already having a job at the country club. Frank and Susan are delighted, and later give Greg a starter cell phone, called a "Ladybug", which only allows him to call home or 911. Rowley invites Greg on a family trip they are taking to a rented beach house near the boardwalk, but Greg finds the trip boring and attempts to escape. He tries to email Susan through Mr. Jefferson's (Alf Humphreys) laptop, but he accidentally sends the email to everyone on Mr. Jefferson's contact list. The next morning, Greg tries to call home using his Ladybug phone, but the phone rejects the call. Greg accidentally calls 911 and shortly after, the police arrive. They almost arrest Mr. Jefferson after he absentmindedly opens the front door holding a kitchen knife, making the officers believe he tried to hurt Greg. Greg is eventually sent home.

Rowley doesn't allow Greg to go with him to the country club because of the beach house incident, but Greg sneaks in by impersonating several members, including Rowley. He meets with Holly and her arrogant sister Heather (Melissa Roxburgh) and manages to get Löded Diper a gig at her sweet sixteen party, much to Rodrick's delight due to his crush on Heather. Greg and Rowley reconcile, but when Frank drops Greg off one morning, they both get confronted by Rowley's father because Greg has built up a $260 fruit smoothie bill from his time at the country club, not knowing the food costs money. When Frank attempts to explain the situation, the manager informs him that the club does not employ minors, and Greg is exposed. As a result, he receives a Spag Union disc in the mail, and fears he will be sent there.

Rodrick informs Greg that the "Wilderness Weekend" could be a way to avoid Spag Union. Their troop proves weak compared to Frank's boss, Stan's (Phil Hayes), troop and Greg continues to mess things up. After the boys overhear Stan and his troop insulting Frank, Greg attempts to set up a plan for revenge by using a trap, and finds out that Stan's troop has been using modern conveniences including pre-cooked meals and portable TVsrather than actually camping. Stan arrives at the tent and attacks Greg, mistaking him for a raccoon, and Greg accidentally throws the tent into the campfire, then admits he was responsible when Frank shows up to investigate the commotion. Frank, having lost his respect for Stan as he insults Greg, confronts Stan about the electronic conveniences, and Stan runs into Greg's trap, leaving him humiliated. Frank reveals that he never liked camping anyway, and decides not to send Greg to Spag Union, much to Greg's surprise and delight. Frank gives Greg advice about learning from mistakes and taking responsibilities. The two discover they are more alike than they realize.

At Heather's sweet sixteen birthday party a few days later, Löded Diper performs a hard rockcover of Justin Bieber's hit song "Baby", with Rodrick on lead vocals in an attempt to impress Heather. However, the performance gets cut short when Rodrick accidentally knocks over a huge ice bust of Heather, resulting in her to lose her temper and attempting to assault Rodrick with a microphone stand, only for her to smash a chocolate fountain, splashing chocolate all over herself, Rodrick, and her friend Madison, and the party ends in disaster. Holly then implies that she likes Greg by holding his hand, and in the final scene, Greg, Rowley, and Holly hang out together at the town pool. Greg remarks that while his summer may have not gone the way he expected, he may look back on it as the best summer ever.


  • This is the last and final Diary of a Wimpy Kid/Looney Tunes crossover film.