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Bugs and Daffy Meets Annie (1982) is another Looney Tunes crossover film made by J Paul Studios and Kayla XD 2009. It will appear on YouTube in the near future.


In 1933, after the Great Depression, a young orphan named Annie was living in the Hudson St. Home for Girls in New York City, which is run by Miss Hannigan, a cruel alcoholic who forces the orphans to clean the building daily ("It's the Hard Knock Life for Us"). With half of a locket as her only possession, Annie remains optimistic that her parents, who left her on the doorstep as a baby, will return for her ("Maybe"). Annie sneaks out with help from a laundry man named Mr. Jules Bundles and adopts a stray dog, which she names Sandy ("Dumb Dog"). Until later, Lola Bunny saw a poor person named Rachael Bunny, Lola Bunny introduces Rachael Bunny while after Annie meets Sandy, Unfortunately, Annie is returned to the orphanage shortly after by a police officer ("Sandy").

Grace Farrell, secretary to billionaire Oliver Warbucks, arrives to invite an orphan to live with Warbucks for a week in order to improve his public image. Annie is chosen and she and Sandy travel to Warbucks' mansion where they meet his many servants and two bodyguards, Punjab and the Asp ("I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here"). Initially dismissive of Annie due to her being female, Warbucks is charmed into letting her stay; he takes Annie and Grace to the Radio City Music Hall to watch a movie, Camille, while beginning to develop affection for Annie ("Let's Go to the Movies"). Grace urges him to adopt Annie ("We Got Annie") and he meets with Miss Hannigan, convincing her to sign the adoption papers while Hannigan drunkenly tries to seduce him ("Sign").

Warbucks reveals his plans to Annie, even offering her a new locket, but she declines. She explains the purpose of her broken locket and her hope that her parents will return with the other half. Warbucks appears on Bert Healy's radio show and offers $50,000 to find Annie's parents ("You're Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile"). This causes mass hysteria with many would-be parents appearing to claim the money. To escape the madness, Warbucks flies Annie to the White House and introduces her to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his wife Eleanor. Roosevelt informs them of his plan to introduce a social welfare program to help America's impoverished and asks Warbucks to head it; Annie encourages him to help ("Tomorrow"). Upon returning home, Annie is disheartened when Grace reveals none of the potential parents knew about the locket.

Miss Hannigan is visited by her con artistbrother Rooster and his girlfriend Lily St. Regis; they plot to pose as Annie's parents to gain the reward. The trio search the orphans' belongings and Miss Hannigan reveals that Annie's real parents died in a fire years ago; therefore she (Hannigan) possesses the other half of the locket ("Easy Street"). Annie's friends overhear the conversation and try to sneak out, but are caught and locked away. Rooster and Lily succeed with the ruse and Annie is kidnapped minutes after leaving the mansion ("Maybe (Reprise)"). However, her friends ultimately reach Warbucks and tell him the truth; shocked and horrified, he informs the FBI and the police, who begin a citywide search.

Annie convinces the felons to pull over, only to escape and destroy Warbucks's check. In his fury, Rooster chases Annie up a raised railroad bridge in an effort to kill her; Miss Hannigan, who never wanted Annie hurt, attempts to stop Rooster, but her own brother knocks her out. As Rooster and Annie reach the top of the bridge, Punjab is able to rescue Annie, reuniting her with Warbucks and Grace. Rooster and Lily are arrested while Annie is officially adopted by Warbucks ("I Don't Need Anything But You"). At a Fourth of July party in which the orphans, a redeemed Miss Hannigan, and the Roosevelts attend, Warbucks gives Annie the new locket and she embraces her new father. Warbucks also kisses Grace (reciprocating the feelings she secretly harbors for him) implying that the two will eventually marry. The fireworks as in the ending credits crackle overhead and write Annie's name.


  • Blocky, Bubble, Coiny, David, Eraser, Firey, Golf Ball, Ice Cube, Leafy, Match, Needle, Pen, Pencil, Pin, Rocky, Snowball, Spongy, Teardrop, Tennis Ball, Woody, Announcer, Firey Speaker Box, Flower Speaker Box, Puffball Speaker Box, The Powerpuff Girls (Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup), Blisstina Utonium, Kimba the White Lion, Flower and the Rowdyruff Boys guest star in this film.
  • The song Ready As I'll Ever Be (from Tangled TV series) will be included in the film during the heroes are getting ready on the mission to rescue Annie from Lily and Rooster and the villains prepare themselves for the final battle for the heroes to arrive in New Jersey.
  • This film will be dedicated to Heather O' Rourke (Tammy O' Rourke's younger sister) (1975 - 1988), Albert Finney (1936 - 2019) and Ann Reinking (1949 - 2020).
  • Flower and The Rowdyruff Boys will work for Ms. Hannaigan until later on in the climax, where they will work for Lily and Rooster.
  • An unexpected guest will appear in the final battle to join the fight with Bugs Bunny and his friends to defeat The Rowdyruff Boys and their villains later she join the team along side with Annie Warbucks.