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The Bullies are a group of Nefaria's minions and the tertiary antagonists of Columbia Pictures 1999 film, The Female's World. They are notorious in bullying the people into collecting food for them. When they are not terrorizing the humans of Female Island, the bullies are seen in Nefaria's Hideout.

Role in the film:

After May causes all the food for the bullies to fall into the water, a gang of bullies begins to descend downward toward the person colony, attacking them for losing their food. Nefaria then warns the people that if the last leaf falls and the people do not collect enough food, the bullies plan to take over Female Island as Nefaria's evil plan.

Later in Nefaria's hideout after spending a vacation there, Nefaria thinks of traveling back to Female Island to get food before winter. However, after, the last leaf falls during May's banishment during the climax of the film, the bullies take complete control of Female Island after May along with the Circus Clowns was wrongfully banished by Richard and his father until the person colony finally fights back and take their island back in which they retreat (without Nefaria) defeated. After this, it is unknown what became of the bullies or where they escaped to; however, Nefaria is devoured by the pelican's chicks after May and Prince Richard lure her to her nest, and Vincenza joins Rhonda the Ringmaster's circus act.


  • They are based on the bandits from Seven Samurai and The Magnificent Seven, with Hopper being the equivalent of Calvera from the latter movie.