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"Bulstrode is a disagreeable barge. He never stops complaining!"
―Percy's driver, Special Attraction, fourth season


Bulstrode is a highly disagreeable barge who used to work on water. He now resides at Tidmouth Beach as a children's playground.


Bulstrode was used to carry cargo like coal and stone to Knapford Harbour, but always complained about not being loaded fast enough. This annoyed the trucks, but one day Bulstrode ended up getting what he deserved when Percy accidentally pushed stone trucks off the quay and into his hold, bursting a hole in his hull. He was then towed to a beach, where he was turned into a children's playground. He remains there today, most likely still grumbling.


Bulstrode is rude and bad-tempered, and complains endlessly.


Bulstrode is based on a 1920s self-propelled coastal barge.


Bulstrode is painted cream, black and red. In the "My First Thomas" range he is painted blue, red and yellow.


Railway Series

  • Toby, Trucks and Trouble - Bulstrode

Television series

  • Season 4 - Special Attraction

Music Videos

  • Thomas' Anthem Grand Finale, Gone Fishing, Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover, Accidents Will Happen, Night Train (faceless), Percy's Seaside Trip, Little Engines and Troublesome Trucks

His faceless model made numerous appearances at the Fishing Village in the fifth season. His surprised face was also used on some trucks in the eighth and tenth season episodes, Fish and The Green Controller respectively.

He also appeared in the books, Thomas the Really Useful Engine and The Secret of the Mine.

Magazine stories

  • 1998 - The Big Speech!
  • 2001 - Down at the Docks (does not speak) and Bulstrode the Hero (does not speak)
  • 2002 - Take Cover!, The Beach and Safe as Houses!
  • 2003 - Shipwrecked! and Tour of Sodor
  • 2004 - On the Beach
  • 2005 - Too Wet
  • 2006 - Wait with Freight and Caroline's Cruise

Bulstrode also appeared in the magazine stories, Boat Afloat, Bulstrode the Engine, Gone Fishing and Pirate Passengers.

Voice Actors

  • Ryōichi Tanaka (Japan)


  • Bulstrode's appearance in the television series is rather different from his Railway Series appearance: in the Railway Series he has two cargo holds and his face is the same colour as his cab, while in the television series he only has one hold and the standard grey face.
  • Bulstrode is currently the only non-human character created by Christopher Awdry to be introduced into the television series.
  • According to Abi Grant, Bulstrode was meant to have a large scale model built for the Wharf, but this never happened due to budget reasons.
  • One of Bulstrode's models has been put on display at Drayton Manor on a beach near Bluff's Cove.

He plays Grolem 13 in Thomas (Rayman) (Julian Bernardino's Style)

He is a guardian of the fourth mask.


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