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Rapunzel, Bart and Lisa go to the summer camp in Maine, where their parents had met for the first time.


Rapunzel as Emma Ross (both main females, kind, pretty, sexy and have blonde hair)

Flynn Rider as Xander McCormick (both main characters, handsome, well-mannered, clumsy and have dark hair)

Bart Simpson as Ravi Ross (both young, smart and easy going)

Lisa Simpson as Zuri Ross (both smart, cute, kind and well-mannered)

Butters Stotch as Jorge (both young, curious, naive, kind and have funny voices)

Elsa as Lou Hockhauser

Mabel Pines as Tiffany

Peter Pan as Luke Ross (both wise, kind, helpful and brotherly)

Angelica Pickles as Hazel Swearengen (both spoiled, selfish, cruel, aggressive, arrogant and full of themselves)

Agatha Harkness as Gladys (both similar, rude, insane and cranky)

Tony Stark/Iron Man as Murphy (both vain, brash and arrogant at times, smart, positive and honest)

Spongebob Squarepants as Timmy

Dash Parr as Griff

Elroy Jetson as Finn Sawyer (both young, little and have blonde hair)

Rachel Green as Christina Ross (both motherly, kind, caring, sexy and have blonde hair)

Ross Geller as Morgan Ross

BLACKPINK as The Weasel Cabin Girls

Aladdin, Eric, Jasmine, Ariel, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick as Themselves (Emma, Xander, Ravi, Zuri, Jorge, Lou and Tiffany’s friends)

Patrick Star as Himself (Timmy's best friend)

Jack Frost as Himself (Lou's boyfriend)

Gumball Watterson as Young Xander

Young Elsa as Young Lou

Baby Angelica Pickles as Young Hazel

Luke Duke as Mr. McCormick

Flash Thompson as Eric (both mean, selfish, rude and have neutral personalities)


  1. Peyton List
  2. Kevin Quinn
  3. Karan Brar
  4. Skai Jackson
  5. Nathan Arenas
  6. Miranda May
  7. Nina Lu
  8. Cameron Boyce (1999 - 2019)
  9. Tessa Netting
  10. Mary Scheer
  11. Casey Campbell
  12. Lincoln Melcher
  13. Will Buie Jr.
  14. Christina Moore
  15. Charles Esten
  16. Mason Patrick Mahay
  17. Emma Shannon
  18. Taylor Autumn Bertman
  19. Larry Poindexter
  20. Spencer List
  21. Mandy Moore
  22. Zachary Levi
  23. Nancy Cartwright
  24. Yeardley Smith
  25. Matt Sloane
  26. Idina Menzel
  27. Kristen Schaal
  28. Bobby Driscoll/Blayne Weaver
  29. Cheryl Chase
  30. Kathryn Hahn
  31. Robert Downey Jr.
  32. Tom Kenny
  33. Spencer Fox/Huck Milner
  34. Daws Butler
  35. Jennifer Aniston
  36. David Schwimmer
  37. Jennie
  38. Jisoo
  39. Rosé
  40. Lisa
  41. Scott Weinger
  42. Christopher Daniel Barnes/Rob Paulsen
  43. Linda Larkin
  44. Jody Benson
  45. Trey Parker
  46. Bill Fagerbakke
  47. Chris Pine
  48. Jacob Hopkins
  49. Eva Bella
  50. Tom Wopat
  51. Tony Revolori