The Parody Wiki


Emily the Emerald Engine as Emma Ross (both main females, kind, sexy, beautiful and names start with Em)

Henry the Green Engine as Xander McCormick (both main characters, clumsy, kind, honest, well-mannered and handsome)

Percy the Small Engine as Ravi Ross (both young, naive, easy going and smart)

Rosie the Pink Engine as Zuri Ross (both cheerful, chirpy, cute, sweet and tomboyish)

Butters Stotch as Jorge (both young, curious, naive, kind and have funny voices)

Dawn as Lou Hockhauser

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro as Tiffany

Thomas the Tank Engine as Luke Ross (both cheeky, kind, helpful and brotherly)

Angelica Pickles as Hazel (both spoiled, selfish, cruel, aggressive, arrogant and full of themselves)

Mrs. Krabappel as Gladys (both similar, get annoyed at times, overwhelmed and kind at times)

Chef as Murphy (both chefs and can cook)

Sherman as Timmy

Sir Handel as Griff

Peter Sam as Young Xander

Wendy Testaburger as Young Lou

Baby Angelica as Young Hazel

Murdoch the Orange Engine as Mr. McCormick

Spencer the Silver Engine as Eric

Molly the Yellow Engine as Christina Ross (both motherly, kind, caring and Molly’s yellow paint is a similar colour to Christian’s blonde hair)

James the Red Engine, Gordon the Big Engine, Rebecca the Yellow Engine, Mavis the Quarry Diesel, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick as Themselves (Emma, Xander, Ravi, Zuri, Jorge, Lou and Tiffany’s Friends)

Piplup and Boundary as Themselves (Lou’s Pokemon)